Why You Should Hold Corporate Team Building Activities At Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong

July 1, 2014



Sideways Driving Club, the premiere venue for virtual racing in Hong Kong, is not just for groups of friends who want to strengthen relationships or friendships. It is actually an ideal place for corporate team building activities! How and why, you ask? Let’s count the ways.

By holding team building activities at Sideways Driving Club, not only do you foster camaraderie and professional bonding, you also actually encourage sportsmanship! This is because Sideways Driving Club is the ideal place to hold “virtual race parties.” You can ask the professional and courteous customer service team at Sideways Driving Club to prepare the place for you and your co-employees. You can have virtual racing matches on a weekend or during your company’s anniversary!

Another reason why you should hold corporate team building activities at Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong is its accessibility and the convenience of its location. Sideways Driving Club is located opposite the Centrium (1 minute walk), 5 minutes from Lan Kwai Fong and 3 minutes from Soho. Very accessible and is located right at the heat of the city. Parking is also available at The Centrium or the Universal Trade Centre.


Need more reason to visit Sideways Driving Club? Here’s one final push – it is the premiere venue for virtual racing in Hong Kong. The simulators at Sideways Driving Clubare endorsed and used by racing drivers around the world, including real F1 drivers. Macau Grand Prix winner Darryl O’Young used a simulator atSideways in preparation for his Macau Porsche Cup Race. Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Champion Matthew Marsh and Formula BMW Asia Champion Ross Jamison are also other star race drivers who have givenSideways Driving Club’s simulators their own stamps of approval.


Need we say more?


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Let JamiQ Help You Discover The Influencers For Your Brand

July 1, 2014


Every single day, online conversations about your brand occur. Some people may like your brand, some may not. Some may recommend your brand, some may not. Naturally, you would want to tap those who like and recommend your brand. The question, though, is – how do you know exactly who these people are? Is there a way for you to efficiently identify them? How can you contact these brand influencers and perhaps even give them more reasons to love your brand?


JamiQ, an award-winning software, is the answer! JamiQ lets companies listen, measure and gain insights from online conversations about brands. And, yes, JamiQ, through its proven framework, helps you discover the most influential bloggers in your market, and takes your social media engagement to the next level.


Discovering the influencers plays a great and effective role especially in marketing and public relations. By regularly tapping them, positive word about your brand will circulate. The people who also follow these influencers may not only purchase or patronize your brand, they may even recommend it to others as well!


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