Leave Your Hair Concerns With Pro Stylist Natani At ERA By Paul Gerrard HK

ERA by Paul Gerrard HK salon has a secret weapon. A professional hair stylist who has over 14 years of experience dealing with hair.


Meet Natani, who hails from South Africa and England, but who has fallen in love with Hong Kong so much that she wants to meet as many people in HK as possible and share with them her passion for style and life.


Natani knows hair like the back of her hand. She discovered her passion for styling hair when she was still in school studying – of all things – classical culture and philosophy! Since then, styling hair became a full-time job and she even moved on to become a hair academy tutor.


Because of her carefree and pleasing personality, Natani is popular at ERA by Paul Gerrard Salon HK. She even takes the time out to explain to her regular clients at ERA by Paul Gerrard Hong Kong that the environment affects the texture and behavior of hair greatly. “This has to be considered when styling and working with hair in different countries.” Yes, Natani is unselfish when it comes to sharing hair care and hair styling tips!


Meanwhile, when asked why she loves Hong Kong, Natani says, “It draws you in and makes you part of it.”


Meet Natani and listen to her stories! Call and set an appointment today. Dial +852 2577 3080. You can also visit the salon at G/F, 36 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong.


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