Armani/Aqua “Salt Discovery” Cocktails are Daring, Divine and Delicious – restaurant with contemporary Italian and Japanese cuisines right in the fashion heart of Hong Kong

Armani/Aqua inspired our staff with our “Salt Discovery Menu,” that our passionate mixologists just had to follow suit! Coupling both innovative and traditional fine liquors and other ingredients with a selection of carefully sourced salts, our mixologists have perfected a series of divine drinks. Each and every one is piqued and perfected by a salt selected because of its unique ability to enhance the blend of flavours that form the heart of the drink.



As in, for instance, our much adored Pink Poodle, which even the men love for its citrus infused Beefeater gin, grapefruit and soda, all brought to the peak of perfection by dashes of Pink Himalayan Salt, carved from the rich depths of the Himalayan Mountains! Or you might try our beautiful Blue Margarita with Patron Silver Tequila shaken with Cointreau, lime and lemons, enhanced with shavings of one of the rarest salts in the world, Persian Blue, with its quick salt bite and gorgeous colour.





Many of our clients rave about our old-time classics with a twist like the Hendricks Dirty Martini, with stunning Italian olives, floral soft Hendricks gin and an amazing Spanish olive salt – plus a half-salt rim! For the bold in palate, nothing beats our BBQ Bloody Mary with four times distilled Belvedere vodka, black garlic, our secret spicy tomato juice, and yellow pepper, all urged to a bright intensity by our own Viking Java blend with Indonesian peppercorns and Viking Salt straight from the Fjords.


No wonder our faithful customers say, “If you’re looking for me, you’ll find me nursing a Salt Discovery Cocktail and dreaming about good things at Armani/Aqua”!

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