Armani/Aqua “Salt Discovery” Menu Reaches New Culinary Heights – restaurant with contemporary Italian and Japanese cuisines right in the fashion heart of Hong Kong

For a taste of the new and the innovative, along with the most carefully curated flavors a discerning foodie could desire, you could not do better than to indulge in our now famous “Salt Discovery Menu,” created by Armani/Aqua to explore the underused and unique variations of salt. Blending the freshest of ingredients with a selection of of rare and exquisite salts, Armani/Aqua has created a six-course menu that is similar in nature to a wine pairing menu, with each salt selected because of its unique ability to enhance the natural flavours of a particular dish.


For the Risotto Rosso, Sicilian red prawn risotto, Maltese Scampi, and Malossol caviar are served with Persian blue salt shaved at the table for a special “wow.” The Black Angus Tagliata pairs grass fed Black Angus beef with hoarfrost salt, which makes beef extremely tender, while a 58°C slow cooked black cod pave’, with cauliflower/ buffalo ricotta cream and white truffle oil, is perfected with Esencia Arbequina. In another much-loved dish, Botan prawns are served on a block of pink Himalayan salt that infuses salt into the prawns to accentuate the sweetness of the dish, served with Amalfi lemon mayonnaise, clementine granite, and a dusting of licorice yellow Cypriot salt.



Vongole 2014 melds Italian clam and mussel with Spanish baby squid and organic baby plum tomatoes, served on house-made pasta with squid ink reduction, while the partnering salt is a Hawaiian black lava variety produced from clear seawater placed in natural lava ponds, imparting a deep black hue, high mineral content and an earthy smokiness.



These creative salt pairings don’t stop with the food but can be accompanied by a drink from our “Salt Discovery Cocktail Selection,” which blends spirits with unique salts to introduce stunning new flavors. For meals that dazzle your palate and your friends, our “Salt Discovery” menu and its accompanying drinks selection is a chance to experience truly extraordinary fine dining.


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