Celebrate the Opening of Historic Hong Kong’s Newest Landmark: Heritage Lodge

Heritage Lodge is part of the historic compound Jao Tsung-I Academy, a unique collection of architectural gems that bear the stamp of the diverse functions they have served over the last hundred years. The Academy was erected as a seaside customs station in the 19th century. In subsequent years, it was used for a number of community purposes. In 2008 the Hong Kong Institute for the Promotion of Chinese Culture began to renovate the premises with the aim of promoting Chinese culture and facilitating cultural exchanges into what is now today Heritage Lodge. Today, Heritage Lodge offers a wide range of state of the art facilities suitable for most any event or function. It is renowned for its dedication to celebrating Chinese tradition and nurturing the growth of a Chinese cultural renaissance.

HL Feature-Room-with-Twin-Bed

With the opening of the Heritage Lodge, visitors to Jao Tsung-I Academy now have the option of forming a personal connection to Heritage Lodge’s storied past by spending one night or a long term stay in a charming and immaculately renovated on-site lodge. Scenically nestled on a hill above Mei Foo Sun Chuen and located mere minutes from the Mei Foo MTR Station, Heritage Lodge is both a beautiful historical complex of Hong Kong history in its own right and the perfect accommodation from which to venture forth and discover more. Heritage Lodge has eighty-nine spacious and comfortably appointed guestrooms which include five suites that are all exquisitely furnished in Chinese style and fully equipped with modern amenities. It proudly offers an extensive range of services you would expect in fine modern accommodations.

HL Green-Accommodation-Environment

Heritage Lodge and the Jao Tsung-I Academy form an oasis of calm greenery in the bustling city of Hong Kong. Over one thousand trees, comprising a wide range of species, stand on the Heritage Lodge site. The wide variety of plants is part of the operator’s commitment to maintain a beautiful natural environment. Their goal is to practice a conscientious and effective commitment to history, the environment and provide a comfortable modern facility. Heritage Lodge’s convenient location, beautiful surroundings and modern facilities make it a refreshing alternative to serviced apartments and hotels for long term stays.


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