Learn The Mysteries Of Rare Salts With Armani/Aqua Hong Kong

10386754_786371191426260_231705510646731959_n.jpg-oh=5db87320bc94b50265668651f53cd664&oe=54A3F62D&__gda__=1418010604_27a4a9786d07e7fc852960be872d2cd1There are aficionados and then there are masters. Who do you want to be? If being a master is up your alley, then join the Salt Discovery Masterclass, led by Armani/Aqua in collaboration with Tasting Kitchen and Ruinart Champagne. Immerse yourself in a workshop where you can learn all about Hoarfrost from the Sahara Desert and Persian Blue from Iran. Sample 3 dishes paired with 3 cuvees of Ruinart Champagne, too! Spaces are limited so sign up now. To book please call +852 3583 2828 or email salt@aqua.com.hk


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