Are you hungry? Whether the culinary masterpiece Salt menu, fresh fruit bouquets, a thrilling racing party or the freshest meat delivered to your door. We have it all.

September 29, 2014

10425480_793435194053193_3679411424812185068_n.jpg-oh=d564eb52655c10671881d5ba7e139bb8&oe=548CF914&__gda__=1418341292_1a77cfd9f8e154cf96d57ad29a056e39Last Call To Join This Exclusive Salt Discovery Master Class By Armani/Aqua Hong Kong


Last call for food enthusiasts to learn about the mysteries of rare salts from around the world! Sign up and join this last leg of the exclusive salt discovery masterclass workshop series led by Chef Andrea in association with Tasting Kitchen. Participants get to discover rare salts including Hoarfrost from the Sahara Desert and Persian Blue Salt from Iran and also learn how to use them to bring out the flavor and texture of fresh products.  Sample three Salt Discovery dishes paired with three cuvées of Ruinart Champagne for only HKD988. To book  call +852 3583 2828 or email



EA BLOGJoin The Edible-To-Go Loyalty Program at Edible Arrangements® Festival Walk

This is a treat for loyal Edible-to-Go customers! Edible Arrangements® Hong Kong has launched a special loyalty program for Edible-to-Go items at their Festival Walk store. To receive either a FREE dipped fruit / lollipop or the chance to upgrade their smoothie or waffle for a really affordable price, customers only need to buy any Edible-to-Go item – from juices to smoothies to waffles to chocolate dipped fruits or lollipops – for at least HK $30 and they receive a stamp. As soon as they accumulate 5 stamps, they receive the FREEBIE! What better reason is there to visit Edible-to-Go at Festival Walk? Check them out now!


10536911_760206004001711_8429944030868114588_n.jpg-oh=f328f072df4284406ffc74eaf0f950ff&oe=547752AE&__gda__=1415533331_6acf00fe47f26ca99bd8979819b28ddeSideways Driving Club for your next party we have the fun and  the food.

At Sideways Driving Club, you don’t just get to use simulators that are truly world-class and used by racing drivers around the world but you also get to enjoy world-class, scrumptious food off their catering menu! Planning an event to be held at Sideways Driving Club? No worries! Choose from their catering menu that can accommodate small (as few as 10 people) and large groups (more than 36 people). You have delicious salads, appetizers and main dishes to choose from.





borleNo time to shop? Three Butchers delivers farm fresh to your door when you want it.

Living the single but very busy life? Although it may seem that you have all the time to enjoy life, there’s also a chance that you overlook some tasks like stocking up on quality fresh meats! Good thing Three Butchers Hong Kong offers a reliable delivery service. All you have to do is visit the Three Butchers Hong Kong website, create an account (which can also help make it extra easy for you to reorder next time), choose from the wide array of products and then have the goods delivered right at your doorstep. Less hassle, no worries!


The Wedding comes together with the perfect dress, hair and make up, scrumptions food and a breathtaking yachting honeymoon.

September 29, 2014


Fall 2014 Bridal Collection from Rivini Available at Hitched! Bridal Hong Kong

Beaded wedding gowns never go out of style. A lot of brides-to-be still want to have that simple yet striking detail of carefully placed beads and there’s one world renowned wedding gown designer that they prefer – Rivini. Rivini represents the essence of simple luxury for modern brides. See some of their amazing creations including bridal gowns that have perfect beaded bodice. For a selection of beautiful wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and more, visit HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong.

10481635_899182913442719_5587832821305065953_oPaul Gerrard Salon HK Offers Best Hair And Make Up Services


Attending an event in Hong Kong? Make a dramatic entrance with clean, gorgeous makeup and professionally done hair. Paul Gerrard Salon Hong Kong offers the best hair and makeup services in the city. Armed with courteous and skillful hair and makeup artists, Paul Gerrard Salon Hong Kong has catered to numerous clients over the years – all satisfied and thankful for the adoring looks they received when they made their own dramatic entrances! Call Paul Gerrard Salon Hong Kong today at +852 2869 4408 and set an appointment. You won’t regret it!




Organize A Unique Bridal Shower With Edible Arrangements® Hong Kong’s Pink Collection


Organize a very special and truly unique bridal shower with Edible Arrangements® Hong Kong’s Pink Collection, which aims to support and heighten awareness about breast cancer. The fresh strawberries hand dipped in pink chocolate artfully arranged to complete the Breast Cancer Awareness Bouquet will not only delight the bride-to-be but her friends as well as the edible fruit bouquet is in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Meanwhile, the Heels for Healing fruit bouquet will make for lovely bridal shower tokens. Visit us for the bouquet choices!


10599388_895389573824190_1577401374643086767_n.jpg-oh=fae537c1bd2c8a73046c5d588360f8bb&oe=5483AC1F&__gda__=1422362023_e39e83b8aa6a3455f8021db1ba8cbe10Sail On Your Honeymoon with Simpson Marine HK


Just got hitched? Surprise your new bride by telling her that you will sail around the world for your honeymoon! The Beneteau Oceanis range of well-equipped cruising yachts is your best bet. This popular range of mid and large size cruisers offer spacious accommodation and a high level of equipment for easy handling. You and your new wife will surely enjoy the simple pleasure of sailing along with the pure joy of newfound everlasting love! In Hong Kong, Simpson Marine can help you in yacht shopping!


Is your business in order? Get down to Sideways Driving Club and race through the planning with PRDA and PrimAsia. Don’t forget to get Hitched! along the way.

September 29, 2014


Corporate events need not be too stiff or formal. You can actually make them fun! Make a fun and exciting corporate event possible with the help of Sideways Driving Club. The simulators at this Hong Kong virtual racing club are endorsed and used by racing drivers around the world, including real F1 drivers. Guests of your corporate event will be happy all throughout the affair that they’ll forget that the event entailed work! Visit the official Sideways Driving Club website  and ask the friendly staff for assistance.





Create Optimal Brand Strategy With PRDA Asia Hong Kong

Whether your business is still in its infancy stage or already in full swing, brand strategy is still an important business aspect you should always attend to. With PRDA Asia Hong Kong’s help, you can establish a good and effective brand strategy to keep your business top-of-mind among your target customers. PRDA Asia provides guidelines on optimal brand strategy – from fresh, persuasive content to social media to analytics and monitoring. Click here for more details.





Primasia Hong Kong Offers Business Plan Services


Need help with your business plan? Primasia Hong Kong can help you. When you’re armed with a good, doable and cost-efficient business plan, you can make the best decisions when it comes to your business. Primasia has helped countless of businesses establish their presence in Hong Kong and with the right business plan, they’re all on track towards financial stability and growth. Check out Primasia Hong Kong for more info on setting up your business. Visit us for more details.



Sara Gabriel Veiling and Headpieces at Hitched! Bridal Hong Kong


saraveils_blogIntricate, exquisite and definitely timeless. These are just a few words to describe the beautiful veils made by Sara Gabriel. All eyes will definitely be on you as you walk down the aisle wearing such a lovely, breathtaking veil. Sara Gabriel Veiling and Headpieces are available at Hong Kong’s best one-stop bridal shop, HITCHED! Bridal. Set an appointment now to see their available Sara Gabriel veils.