Team Building at Sideways Driving Club, Social Media at PRDA, Trade Services with PrimAsia and Edible Arrangements Hong Kong New Treats

November 19, 2014



Rebuild Your Team’s Confidence At Sideways Driving Club

Camaraderie, friendship and sportsmanship. These are key ingredients in having a smooth sailing business environment in any office. These ingredients can help employees become more effective, goal-oriented, positive and focused on their tasks. Want to fire up your employees’ gusto for work as well? For businesses that want to build (or rebuild, for that matter) these ingredients among their employees, ask Sideways Driving Club about their fun-filled corporate team building packages. Visit this our website. Your employees will surely thank you for this!


Social-Media-StrategyEntrust Your Full Social Media Strategy Requirements With PRDA


Nowadays, any entrepreneur worth his salt knows that social media should already be a part of his business’ PR and marketing plan. After all, in order to compete well in today’s dynamic market, all businesses should be online and should know how to engage their customers online. This is where PRDA Asia comes in. PRDA Asia offers full social media strategies – from analysis to set up to content creation to community management and even to monitoring. Entrust your social media needs to PRDA Asia so you can focus on your business. Contact PRDA Asia today.



trade_banner3How You Can Save With Primasia Hong Kong’s World-Class Trade Services

Ready to take your business global? This may entail a huge amount of expenses, money that could have been used for other investments. Now, if you’re a smart entrepreneur, wouldn’t you want to avail of lesser expenses without compromising quality and efficiency? With Primasia Corporate Services Limited Hong Kong’s tailor made trade services program, you can save! Primasia Hong Kong can arrange a virtual trading office for you, which can help save on rental, administrative fees and other overhead costs. Have more control over your investment. Learn more about the benefits of the program here

10735065_1502321910038042_1701642796_nWhy You Should Follow Edible Arrangements Hong Kong On Instagram

Are you a fan of fresh fruits fashioned into enticing bouquets? Do you love chocolates, color, sweets and everything else cool and delicious? Want to see photos on Instagram that may inspire you, make you smile, help cheer you up or just make your day a brighter one? Follow the Edible Arrangements Hong Kong account on Instagram. It’s guaranteed to deliver only the good vibes. You can also keep track of Edible Arrangements Hong Kong’s irresistible promos and giveaways! Follow @ediblearrangementshk on Instagram.