The ins and outs of chartering your yacht

Owning a yacht is one of the greatest experiences to be found in life and the fun of owning it shouldn’t be diminished by worries of maintaining the yacht. For many years savvy owners and dealers have known of a great way to offset the costs of ownership and eliminate the owners work involved with caring for the yacht.

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Placing a vessel into a managed yacht charter program, like those offered by Simpson Marine, can net the owner more time to enjoy their yacht by nearly eliminating any effort and stress involved with caring for the boat. Simpson Marine will not only locate clients, but the company also becomes responsible for the upkeep of the vessel. Everything from dealer scheduled services to dingy maintenance, exterior waxing, and even placing clean towels and linens on board becomes the company’s yacht manager’s worry. Regular usage and professional maintenance will keep your investment at peak performance.

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Up to 65% of the charter fee is returned to the owner to offset costs of the vessel. Simpson Marine advertises the boat and ensures charter parties have appropriate experience for the type of boat they are taking, and collects all the fees.

Be sure to choose a reputable and experienced charter agent to manage your yacht. Check their references and find out how many weeks per year you should expect the boat to be used.

The rest of the time, just jump aboard and enjoy your yacht to maximum fun and minimum headache.

If you want to charter a yacht for a week, or place your own yacht into a managed charter program then contact Simpson Yacht Charter in Phuket at +66 (0) 93 327 0447 or email

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