This is the Month to Party and Look Good doing it. Celebrate in style with The Globe, Sideways Driving Club and look your best with Aurza custom and Hollywood Hair Hong Kong


Enjoy Beer The Way It Should Be Enjoyed At The Globe Hong Kong

8f0dcbafdc53632eb5547892440ab22b.jpg-itok=s9udgvrkSo you like beer. You make it a habit to enjoy a bottle or two with friends. You all have a great time. But do you really get to enjoy beer the way it should be enjoyed? At The Globe Hong Kong, we guide you as you start your path towards tasting the different kinds of beers from all across the world. We have to warn you, though, once you tread that path, there’s no turning back! Gather up your friends and schedule a beer tasting session with us. Email today.


Throw A Bachelor Party At Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong


Throwing your friend a bachelor party? Make his last day as a single man memorable! Hold a stag party at Sideways Driving Club, home of speed, world-class and F1 level virtual racing machines. After all, what’s the better way to send off your soon-to-be-married friend than gather all your friends and couple that with speed, great fun, good food and cool drinks? Book your party now and make your friend the happiest in the world. Booking is quick and easy! Click here.


Aurza: Work Wear to Party Outfit

Working women, regardless of race, job and age, all over the world have the same problem – what to wear that would make you look professional and classy in the office but stylish and cool in an after-office event. Enter – Aurza. You can either choose from their existing design combinations (all carefully crafted using 3D body scanning to suit every working lady’s taste) or have a few aspects altered for you to have bespoke pattern based on your measurements. It’s like magic, really! Shop and invest in quality office to party clothes at Aurza.


HH-Packages-5000-Silver-311014Big Savings With These Awesome Hollywood Hair Hong Kong Packages

We all have favorite Hollywood celebrities. We adore their fashion sense, their method of acting, their looks even down to their everyday hairstyle. Ever wished you could replicate their cut, look and style all year round? Now it’s made easy and you even get to save! Hollywood Hair has launched their money saving packages. Get as much as 30% off on your salon needs. Inquire for the various types of packages available by calling +852 2861 9830. You can also visit Hollywood Hair at 23/floor, No 1 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong


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