Design Your Very Own Little Black Dress With Aurza


Every self-respecting goddess should have the LBD as part of her fabulous wardrobe. Simply put no closet can ever be considered complete without it.

A LBD is a staple, whether you’re a fashionista, feminist or full time mother. It is the most versatile and hard working piece of clothing you will ever own.

Whatever the mood or the occasion demands the LBD comes up trumps.

Finding the perfect LBD, however, is another matter. More often than not, it’s difficult to even know where to begin to look. In the instance that you do find the one you want, the fit may not be right, the length may not be ideal and the neckline may not be flattering.

Here at Aurza, we have come up with the perfect solution: why not design your very own LBD?


Check out our user friendly website with easy to understand customization tools. You can specify the neckline, rosetta, sleeves, belt as well as the length of your dream dress. Bish bosh bash!


Ah go on – your perfect LBD is waiting to become a reality!


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