Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong Supports Race Driver Matt Solomon – Here’s How To Vote For Him


Sideways Driving Club, the premiere virtual racing establishment in Hong Kong, fully supports the nomination of celebrated race driver Matt Solomon in his bid as Hong Kong’s Sport Star for 2014. With a number of awards under his belt, including the 2013 ranked Hong Kong’s Top Driver, the 2013 Winner of Round 9 GT Asia and the 2013 Top Formula Masters China Series Rookie (5th Overall), Matt Solomon deserves to win the Hong Kong Sport Star for 2014 Award. Would you like to support this very talented young driver as well? It just takes a few clicks! Please click on this link and include Matt as one of the 8 athletes who deserve your vote.


Organized by the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Sport Star for 2014 Award aims to encourage Hong Kong athletes and teams to strive for excellence and to provide role models and inspiration for young Hong Kong people.


As a proud Sideways Driving Club-sponsored driver, we believe Matt Solomon deserves this award as he has truly proven his dedication to the sport.


Feel free to share this appeal to please vote for Matt Solomon to all of your contacts. Please go ahead and post on social media, too! Again, just please click on this link: and include Matt as one of the 8 athletes who deserve your vote.


To know more about Matt Solomon and his promising future, visit and


Sideways Driving Club is the premiere venue for virtual racing in Hong Kong. The simulators at Sideways Driving Club are endorsed and used by racing drivers around the world, including real F1 drivers. Macau Grand Prix winner Darryl O’Young used a simulator at Sideways in preparation for his Macau Porsche Cup Race. Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Champion Matthew Marsh and Formula BMW Asia Champion Ross Jamison are also other star race drivers who have given Sideways Driving Clu’s simulators their own stamps of approval.


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