Touch A Life, Share Your Advocacy Stories With HIV Advocates


Do you have something you’re very passionate about? Do you have strong opinions, a certain battle cry, a deep inclination about something near and dear to your heart? What are your advocacies?


HIV Advocates , for their part, upholds the rights and interests of people with HIV. A global initiative that aims to share news, experiences, strategies and new tools that will energize human rights movements and communities fighting HIV/AIDS, HIV Advocates  also encourages stakeholders to interact online through the website. Through this online interaction, the public, patients, communities, non government agencies and other stakeholders are provided the platform to start conversations, discuss concerns and even come up with action plans. HIV Advocates  also regularly runs social media campaigns to fight the stigma and discrimination that remain to be challenges towards fighting HIV/AIDS. Some of these social media/hashtag campaigns include #IntoleranceVaccine, #AntiViolenceCondom as well as #AntiHatePill. Supported by Levi Strauss Foundation and powered by B-Change Foundation, HIV Advocates  encourages existing and would-be activists to explore the power of social media and other Internet avenues to help spread the message across – that discrimination and stigma against people with HIV/AIDS no longer have any place in society!


Do these advocacy measures interest you? You, too, can empower others by sharing your own advocacy stories. You, too, can touch a life by supporting an advocacy that now involves thousands of people all over the world.

You can do that by visiting HIV Advocates. Share your story and inspire others.






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