Why Your Next Date Night Should Be At Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong


When we think of dates, we usually think of candlelit dinners or romantic getaways in secluded areas. We usually think of circumstances where we can put our best foot forward. However, have you ever considered bringing your date to a place where skills, wit, sense of adventure and fun abound? Where you can just be yourselves, enjoy each other’s company and be at ease in a hip and happening place? Bring your date to Sideways Driving Club, the premiere virtual racing place in Hong Kong!



Virtual racing may not be the usual “date place” but trust us when we say that you and your date will truly have a great time here. They have top-of-the-line race car simulators. These simulators are the very same ones tried and tested by real F1 drivers. You and your date can do racing matches. If your date is as competitive as you are, then for sure the match will be a fun, close one!


Sideways Driving Club also sells racing gear so to really earn brownie points from your date, why don’t you stop by and buy a present? It’s a really good strategy to make your date feel like a real F1 driver!


Located near Lan Kwai Fong, Sideways Driving Club can be a great stop before or after a night out at the busy party district. Sideways Driving Club is located opposite the Centrium (1 minute walk), 5 minutes from Lan Kwai Fong and 3 minutes from Soho. Parking is available at The Centrium or the Universal Trade Centre.


Call telephone number +852 2523 0983 or send e-mail: racing@sideways-driving-club.com for inquiries and reservations.

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