Let Primasia Corporate Services Limited Hong Kong Be Your Effective Entry Point to Business

January 29, 2015


Hong Kong is undoubtedly the best place to start if you want to enter the Asian market. It’s centrally located, it’s home to one of the world’s most efficient transport system and most innovative technologies and it’s the best gateway to the rest of China. Entrepreneurs who want to tap into the world’s largest economy (China) can best do so if they start in Hong Kong.

hongkong2On the other hand, Hong Kong is a great economy in itself. It is a melting pot of so many global businesses, so many opportunities and so many breakthroughs. Hong Kong can be where entrepreneurs enjoy success for a very long time. So if you want to explore the many doors that may open for you in Hong Kong, commission the best and most effective partner and entry point to business – Primasia Corporate Services Limited Hong Kong.


For many years, Primasia Hong Kong has been guiding businesses. They help businesses gain ground in Hong Kong, they help them look for trustworthy local executives and they even help out in government-related duties.


Primasia Hong Kong’s services include accounting and taxes, staff recruitment or employment, trade services, admin and support as well as nominee director recruitment. They also provide services related to:


  •    Developing and structuring strategies for China operations.
  •    Opening bank accounts.
  •    Applying for work visas.
  •    Locating office or factory space.
  •    Preparing financial statements, tax filings and annual audits.
  •    Managing payrolls.
  •    Renewing business licences.
  •    Arranging payments to Chinese suppliers.
  •    Writing due diligence reports.


Convinced that Primasia Hong Kong is your best entry point to business in HK yet? Call them now and see how they can help your business. They have decades of experience and countless satisfied clients – you can’t go wrong!


Call +852 2882 2088 for appointments and further inquiries or send email to info@primasia.hk. You can also visit Primasia Hong Kong at Suite 1106-8, 11/F., Tai Yau Building,181 Johnston Road, Wanchai.


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How To Choose A Fairytale-Like Wedding Gown At HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong

January 29, 2015



Every bride wants to look not only like a queen on her wedding day but like a fairytale princess, too! So how about mixing that together? Look like a radiant queen in a bridal dress that also has a romantic, fairytale-like feel.


At HITCHED! Bridal, Hong Kong’s most favorite one-stop shop that offers wedding gowns and accessories made by world-renowned designers, you can find that very gown! Here are some tips for you as you browse the collections at HITCHED! Bridal.


960205_979545875406422_2441760155666383138_n.jpg-oh=baaaf91ad7bb270966e0444c9e2f9916&oe=55616264&__gda__=1428252040_532d58454c7f3640c2c51cfddbe4c5b8If you’re a petite bride, avoid wearing a gown that could overwhelm your small frame. Instead, choose one that looks simple but has eye-catching details. Take the Rivini collection, for instance. Simple but with pretty details on the right places. Also, look for a bridal dress that has horizontal details. This will make you look taller.




Another tip is for you to look for structured skirts. A mermaid silhouette is perfect for destination weddings or chic urban weddings. Ask the HITCHED! Bridal consultant for a Rivini dress that could hug your curves and make you look slim. Rivini dresses are known for their fluid styles.



You can also wear a dress with an empire waistline, which can help create a lengthening effect. Other tips you can take note of: gowns with subtle but clean beading, pleats and sheer panels of fabric also makes for a nice romantic, fairytale-like dress.


Visit HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong to see more of the Rivini wedding gowns that exude simple yet distinct luxury. Feel free to ask for recommendations from the shop’s professional consultants.


For a selection of beautiful wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and more, visit HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong at: http://www.hitchedbridal.com/


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How To Get Your Summer Glow On At Paul Gerrard Salon Hong Kong

January 29, 2015


Ah, summer. Who doesn’t love summer? Sun, surf, sand, sea and lovely, glowing tanned skin. But how do you get to relive the vibrancy of summer and get that sunkissed look all year round? Luckily, it’s now possible to always have tanned skin, no matter the season! At Paul Gerrard Hong Kong, you can find the finest St. Tropez skin care products that can help you get your summer glow on. In fact, these products can help protect your skin against the harmful rays of the sun and keeps it moisturized.


960205_979545875406422_2441760155666383138_n.jpg-oh=baaaf91ad7bb270966e0444c9e2f9916&oe=55616264&__gda__=1428252040_532d58454c7f3640c2c51cfddbe4c5b8The St. Tropez self tanning body lotion, for instance, leaves the skin for an even tan. Infused with aloe vera, this lotion also conditions the skin and keeps its pH balance. Then there’s the St. Tropez Bronzing Mist that you can just spray on for a lovely tan. Just like the body lotion, it contains conditioning aloe vera.


All of St. Tropez products are made with the Aromaguard fragrance technology, which eliminates the “self-tan aroma” by at least 70% and instead leaves a refreshing smell – like you just came from the beach.


But don’t just shop for skin care products at Paul Gerrard Salon Hong Kong. While you’re at it, ask your favorite Paul Gerrard Salon stylist for the latest hair trends and makeup tips. You might want to avail of the salon’s wide selection of hair care treatments – treat yourself! You absolutely deserve it.


Visit them at 1st and 2nd floor, Wah Hing House, 35 Pottinger Street, Central Hong Kong. Bring friends!



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