Sweets For Your Valentine’s Sweet At Edible Arrangements® Hong Kong


Sweets for your sweet, sugar for your honey. You can’t help but sing along when you see what Edible Arrangements® Hong Kong has in store for you and your loved ones. This Valentine’s season, your favorite store that makes stunning handmade bouquets made out of the freshest and juiciest fruits has an awesome range of treats that are sure to make your hearts flutter.


Edible Arrangements® Hong Kong has launched its most awaited Valentine’s Day Collection. Loads of eye-catching and mouthwatering goodies all carefully designed to help convey your love and affection. In fact, some of these special Valentine’s fruit bouquets come in either cute martini-glass shaped containers or sweet heart-shaped boxes. All ready to go as gifts!


bnr15_HK_limited_editionNeed a suggestion? Why not purchase the limited edition “With All My Heart Swizzle Mix Berries”? This features one dozen juicy red strawberries hand dipped in gourmet semisweet chocolate. A delicious gift for the one you love.


It’s easy to order your Valentine’s Day fruit bouquets. Just log on to Edible Arrangements® Hong Kong’s official website, Valentine’s Day Collection. The limited edition heart-shaped boxes and martini-shaped glasses can be found there but the regular bestsellers like the Valentine’s Day Swizzle Bouquet can be seen there, too. Once you’ve chosen your desired bouquet, click on “Order Now.”


Happy Valentine’s Day!


To learn more about Edible Arrangements® Hong Kong, like Edible Arrangements HK on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ediblearrangementshk


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