Take It From PRDA Asia: Social Media Success Lies On Growth Hacking

February 9, 2015


Today, more than ever, social media has become not just an extension of people’s lives but actually plays an intrinsic role in people’s lives. It is now imperative to use and understand it really well. Everyone wants to become experts in social media. However, there are actually risks in becoming “gurus” and that the only way to see good, viable results out of using social media is by implementing growth hacking. Allow PRDA Asia explain further.


PRDADouglasPhoto-20150121021203147According to digital and social media agency PRDA Asia, becoming the best means people have actually created barriers to success because thinking can inadvertently become siloed. If everyone knows everything, will there still be success and change in the horizon? The answer: growth hacking.


PRDA Founder Douglas White explains, “Growth hacking is not true “hacking” in the sense of breaking in where you don’t belong. It’s about maximizing customer growth through process improvement, technology and consumer psychology. Growth hacking is about taking methods that are already known and fully utilizing them and, when lucky, finding new ways to combine them for great effect. The term puts a focus on stepping outside of your comfort zone and learning and using new methods in a smart way.”


So how do we implement growth hacking? Douglas White shares these guidelines:


  1. Lose your ego. Always learn.
  2. Redefine the end goal. Because seeing the end result through a fresh lens is critically important.
  3. Write once post many. Create multiple versions of the same message and position it across multiple sites, times and geographies.
  4. Know your apps. All social-media applications have algorithms running to determine what is going to get pushed into your newsfeed. Each one of these functions differently but has similar characteristics. Figure out which one works best where.
  5. The Red thread. One of the most powerful tools for growth hacking is actually the oldest: SEO or keyword optimisation; or as I like to call it “the red thread”.
  6. Engagement. This is what sets social media apart from other media. The ability to have a conversation.
  7. Know your target demographic. Growth hacking done well does not focus on fan numbers alone. Growth hacking is about targeting the correct customer.
  8. Set KPIs and stick to them. Business is business and if you aren’t making money you will soon be out of business.


Want to know more? Find success in social media marketing with PRDA Asia Hong Kong, Asia’s leading social media agency. Visit PRDA Asia to find out more!


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Contact Primasia Corporate Services Limited For Access To Decades Of Experience In Setting Up Biz In China

February 9, 2015


Investing in China, which is the world’s biggest economy, can be a lucrative one. However, it entails lots of risks and, if not planned well, can result in problems and failure. Hence, it is imperative that investors should really go to the boards, as they say, and establish a good, feasible and sensible action plan blueprint. The first calculated step to take is to commission a corporate services firm that has decades of experience under its belt.


chinaPrimasia Corporate Services Limited Hong Kong has been guiding businesses from the ground up for many years. Led by professionals who have solid experiences in developing and structuring strategies for operations in China, Primasia Corporate Services Limited Hong Kong can help entrepreneurs start and succeed.

Primasia Hong Kong’s services include accounting and taxes, staff recruitment or employment, trade services, admin and support as well as nominee director recruitment. They also provide services related to:


  •    Opening bank accounts.
  •    Applying for work visas.
  •    Locating office or factory space.
  •    Preparing financial statements, tax filings and annual audits.
  •    Managing payrolls.
  •    Renewing business licences.
  •    Arranging payments to Chinese suppliers.
  •    Writing due diligence reports.


Moreover,Primasia Hong Kong can help incorporations in most on and offshore jurisdictions as well as registration of a branch or a representative office.


Call +852 2882 2088 for appointments and further inquiries or send email to info@primasia.hk. You can also visit Primasia Hong Kong at Suite 1106-8, 11/F., Tai Yau Building,181 Johnston Road, Wanchai.


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Edible Arrangements Hong Kong Launches The New Fresh-tini Collection

February 9, 2015


Martini – shaken or stirred? In Edible Arrangements® Hong Kong, it’s fresh, edible and comes in the cutest reusable containers! Presenting – the new Fresh-tini Collection, made by the world’s trusted and most creative makers of the freshest and juiciest fruit bouquets – Edible Arrangements.


The Fresh-tini Collection is a guaranteed hit. Each fruit bouquet is made of bite sized fruit delicacies – a choice of bananas, pineapple stars, strawberries, cantaloupe, grapes and even signature apple truffles – all artfully arranged to create a colorful masterpiece. The fruit arrangements fit just about any occasion that requires happy smiles, cheers and celebration.

One of the surefire hits is the Birthday Wish-tini™ Dipped Bananas bouquet. This fruit bouquet features sweet pineapple stars, banana slices hand dipped in a combination of white and dark chocolate and classic Apple Fruit Truffles. A lovely addition to every party table.


For outdoor events, on the other hand, the Fun in the Sun-tini bouquet is a great choice. Sun-shaped pineapple and gourmet semisweet chocolate dipped strawberries plus other bite-sized mouthwatering treats make this a truly fun summer-themed bouquet.


Visit the official Edible Arrangements® Hong Kong website, go to “Arrangements” and click on “Featured Collections.” The Fresh-tini Collection can be found under that category. Once you’ve chosen your desired bouquet, click on “Order Now.” You can opt to pick up your order at the nearest store or you can have it delivered. Call +852 2673 3558 for inquiries.


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Be A Hit With Your Lady Love With The Help Of ERA Barbers

February 9, 2015


More often than not, people tend to equate Valentine’s Day to a girl’s time to shine – her turn to take your breath away during date night, her turn to dazzle you with her beautiful make-up, carefully handpicked clothes and precious shoes. This Valentine’s Day, however, why don’t you turn the tables around and be the one to impress her? Be a hit with your lady love with the help of ERA Barbers.


ERA Barbers Hong Kong is where you can get the chicest haircut and hair styling services. Want to channel your inner Marlon Brando? Your inner Johnny Depp? Perhaps the hairstyle that your lady love has always been bugging you to get? Best bet, though, is to consult the  ERA Barbers head barber for tips. He’ll know what to do!


You can also ask about the latest skin care products.  ERA Barbers carries natural, chemical-free products that will surely be assets to your “male vanity drawer.” Use these regularly for that oil-free, handsome look that will definitely make your lady love proud and beaming.


Visit ERA Barbers before every date night. Not only will that make you feel and look good, your partner will be one happy bunny, too!


Call and set an appointment today. Dial +852 2577 3080. You can also visit the salon at G/F, 36 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong.


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Why Singles Should Get A Date Night Look At Paul Gerrard Salon Hong Kong

February 9, 2015


With Valentine’s Day coming up, single ladies should really start thinking of where to go in order to get that perfect date night look – a look that could guarantee that your date’s attention will only be on you and you alone. In Hong Kong, there’s only one choice. Find out below why Paul Gerrard Salon is the most recommended beauty shop in all of Hong Kong.


75ab7dc986d3e264f80c874560e3968bFirst off, Paul Gerrard Salon Hong Kong is home to professional, highly skilled and courteous hair stylists and makeup artists. With years of experience in various parts of the world, these pros can help you get that perfect date night look! They know which hairstyle will fit the frame of your face and they know what kind of makeup will go best with your planned outfit for the night. Smokey? No makeup look? Or do you want an all-out vamp look complete with killer eyeshadows and sexy red lipstick?


Secondly, Paul Gerrard Salon has updated beauty equipment and lovely interiors. The salon makes customers feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed.


Thirdly, this Hong Kong salon is centrally located. Just a quick hop and step away from the nearest transportation.


These are just a few reasons why Paul Gerrard Salon rocks. Make that appointment now and experience for yourself the quality of service they’re known for. by Call +852 2869 4408 or you can also visit Paul Gerrard Salon at 1st and 2nd floor, Wah Hing House, 35 Pottinger Street, Central Hong Kong.


Good luck on your date! Rock it!



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Tips From HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong: Why Brides Should Consider Wearing A Wedding Veil

February 9, 2015


It’s a universal fact that brides want to look and feel their most beautiful on their very special day. They want to walk the aisle towards the man of their dreams with extra confidence and grace. They want to wear the most beautiful wedding gown, the classiest pair of shoes, the cleanest and most skillfully done makeup. However, there’s one aspect that perhaps not all brides can agree upon – to wear or not to wear a wedding veil. Some brides may deem it imperative to wear a bridal headpiece. Some might forego it. At the end of the day, while it’s still the bride’s prerogative that would matter, here are a few reasons, from HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong, as to why brides should consider wearing a bridal veil.



  1. Wedding veils quickly and easily add that touch of elegance to the bridal look. Nothing else spells simple yet sophisticated elegance than a tulle birdcage veil with eye-catching Swarovski crystals. The Alice Headband by Sara Gabriel Veils is a perfect example. When worn, it doesn’t overwhelm.


  1. Brides who wear bridal headpieces tend to look fresher and brighter. Headpieces are, after all, accessories that help amp up the look.


  1. Historically, wedding veils just simply add more sense of occasion. This reason may be the game changer especially for brides who value tradition. Wearing a bridal veil has just simply been the practice.


As a final push to convince brides to wear a veil, HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong has an offer: visit their shop to see their collection of world-class Sara Gabriel Veils and headpieces. Once brides see the quality, softness and elegance of the Sara Gabriel wedding veils, they would surely say yes in a heartbeat.


Set an appointment with HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong now:


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