Take It From PRDA Asia: Social Media Success Lies On Growth Hacking


Today, more than ever, social media has become not just an extension of people’s lives but actually plays an intrinsic role in people’s lives. It is now imperative to use and understand it really well. Everyone wants to become experts in social media. However, there are actually risks in becoming “gurus” and that the only way to see good, viable results out of using social media is by implementing growth hacking. Allow PRDA Asia explain further.


PRDADouglasPhoto-20150121021203147According to digital and social media agency PRDA Asia, becoming the best means people have actually created barriers to success because thinking can inadvertently become siloed. If everyone knows everything, will there still be success and change in the horizon? The answer: growth hacking.


PRDA Founder Douglas White explains, “Growth hacking is not true “hacking” in the sense of breaking in where you don’t belong. It’s about maximizing customer growth through process improvement, technology and consumer psychology. Growth hacking is about taking methods that are already known and fully utilizing them and, when lucky, finding new ways to combine them for great effect. The term puts a focus on stepping outside of your comfort zone and learning and using new methods in a smart way.”


So how do we implement growth hacking? Douglas White shares these guidelines:


  1. Lose your ego. Always learn.
  2. Redefine the end goal. Because seeing the end result through a fresh lens is critically important.
  3. Write once post many. Create multiple versions of the same message and position it across multiple sites, times and geographies.
  4. Know your apps. All social-media applications have algorithms running to determine what is going to get pushed into your newsfeed. Each one of these functions differently but has similar characteristics. Figure out which one works best where.
  5. The Red thread. One of the most powerful tools for growth hacking is actually the oldest: SEO or keyword optimisation; or as I like to call it “the red thread”.
  6. Engagement. This is what sets social media apart from other media. The ability to have a conversation.
  7. Know your target demographic. Growth hacking done well does not focus on fan numbers alone. Growth hacking is about targeting the correct customer.
  8. Set KPIs and stick to them. Business is business and if you aren’t making money you will soon be out of business.


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