Starting a tech biz in Hong Kong? JLL COO, Gavin Morgan, comments on the opportunities in this booming industry.

Is it feasible to open a tech business in Hong Kong? Should startups now look deeper into the possibility of setting up in this Asian city? Can Hong Kong be the next tech hub after Silicon Valley and New York? These are the perennial questions of technology entrepreneurs these days, given the rampant expansion of many banking and finance related companies. With the historical expansions of these industries, shouldn’t tech companies locally be next?


JLL  COO Gavin Morgan believes that Hong Kong has all the ingredients to be the next tech capital of the world, and certainly within Asia Pacific.


Stating that the Hong Kong market has all the credentials to back up any interested tech company – from its highly educated and productive workforce, it’s pro-business environment, world-class infrastructure, to its high adaptation rate for technology. The fact that people can easily access Facebook, YouTube and Instagram in Hong Kong gives the city a unique edge over mainland cities. Moreover, Hong Kong, he says, is also the favourite of many mainland companies that want to expand beyond their borders. It’s strategically located and wise entrepreneurs know by heart that location, location, location is truly key in every business’ success.


Morgan also underscores the presence of highly skilled professionals in Hong Kong. The city, he says, is a location of choice for a high proportion of people in the Asia Pacific region. This is proof that Hong Kong truly has all the makings of an ideal location for tech businesses. Morgan also encourages companies to seek the help of investment management firms before they make the big leap to Hong Kong.


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