Small office space? JLL has easy 4 styling tips to make the most of your space.


There’s a saying that if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. The same thing applies when you have small or cramped office space. Make do. There are many ways to make your space work for you and your productivity. Here are a few helpful style tips from  JLL.



  1. Plan. This entails figuring out whether the office space will just merely be for you and perhaps another co-worker or two. Do you want something that can allow you to accept visitors or clients? This is crucial since this can help indicate what kind (and number) of furniture you may need.


  1. Plot. Measure your office’s floor space. Plotting is important because you’d still want enough space to move around and breathe. Clutter does not equal productivity!


  1. Consider furniture that also serve another purpose. A storage stool, for instance, is a great idea for small office spaces. You can place items inside the hollow space of the stool. There are also wall desks that you might like. These are “drop-down” tables that you can hook against a wall and can just stow when not needed.


  1. Large mirrors on walls can make your small space look bigger. Try this! Very effective.


On the other hand, if your office is bursting at the seams with further expansion plans on the horizon it might be time to relocate.  JLL Hong Kong can help you find your next office space.


JLL is a professional services and investment management firm offering specialised real estate services to clients seeking increased value by owning, occupying and investing in real estate.

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