Go To ERA Barbers Hong Kong And Rock The Slick Back Haircut

April 8, 2015


Remember those suave Hollywood actors from the 1920s who made quite a presence on screen? They even had long, torrid love affairs with the age old beauties of that era. They were mavericks at a time when TV was still in black and white – men who knew what they wanted, knew what kind of look they could wear best and knew how to make their presence felt. It really was a fascinating time.

gandy-long-hairToday, you can bring back that era and even sport the haircut that lorded at the time. Presenting – the Slick Back, the cut that was sported by business moguls, public figures and, yes, even the Hollywood mavericks in the 1920s. The Slick Back haircut is versatile and can actually suit any age – from young boys to adults.


The Slick Back is essentially a classic short back and sides with highlighted side parting. No use of razors. Just scissored all over. The top is longer and then styled into a cool quiff. This classic men’s haircut works best with finer hair but those with curly hair can still rock this look – just use the proper hair products that can tame down the waves. Ideally, aqua-based pomades should be used for that sleek and shine finish. You can also set the top with hair spray. Don’t forget to use a wide tooth comb to get those line effects.


In Hong Kong, you can ask for the Slick Back hairstyle at ERA Barbers. ERA Barbers is best known for its cutting edge, urban chic hairstyles for men as well as retro style groovy haircuts such as the Slick Back.


Call and set an appointment today and come out of the barbershop with a different kind of self confidence. Dial +852 2577 3080. You can also visit the salon at G/F, 36 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong.


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Trendy Summer Hair Color Tips From Paul Gerrard Salon Hong Kong

April 8, 2015


Summer means sun, sea, sand and surf. Summer also means a fun and funky new hairstyle with hair color that complements your sunkissed skin. Want to know which hair colors are “in” this summer? Take these trendy tips from Paul Gerrard Salon Hong Kong.


Try the honey hues like honey blonde or even honey strawberry (blonde with nice reddish streaks). Honey hair colors go very well with tan skin and glossy lips. Of course, they also look pretty (not to mention eye catching) whenever you’re under the sun.


Another great hair color for summer is deep red. Try marsala red! Marsala is, after all, this year’s fashion color. Reddish hair looks glorious under the sun and your friends can’t help but complement your look. Just imagine taking your OOTD. You can easily look for cool outfits to match your new hair color.


Another runaway hit for summer is to go ombre. Experiment with various color pairings. One half of your hair can be blonde while the tail end can be blue, red, green or even a striking neon color. Show off your personality when you go ombre!


Whatever hair color you choose, just remember to go to Paul Gerrard Salon Hong Kong and let them do the job. Nothing beats professional work! Don’t forget to stock up on essential skin care needs as well. Paul Gerrard Salon offers facials and micro dermabrasion treatments. You will need those especially after spending glorious days under the sun.


Make that appointment now by calling +852 2869 4408. You can also visit Paul Gerrard Salon at 1st and 2nd floor, Wah Hing House, 35 Pottinger Street, Central Hong Kong.



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PRDA Asia Can Help You Reach The Right Customers

April 8, 2015


In the world of business today especially with the advent of social media and other digital practices, it is crucial to know your target audience, how to contact or reach that right audience and how to properly communicate with them in such a way that the engagement would result in either sales or partnership. More importantly, it is also crucial to have a partner that knows which tools to use and which community management strategy to employ in order to reach those right customers. In Asia, your best bet is PRDA Asia.


PRDA Asia can help you engage with your target market. Using effective demographic targeting strategies, solid community management tools and measures as well as successful monitoring procedures, PRDA Asia is the perfect partner when it comes to social media marketing and other digital efforts.


For many years, PRDA Asia has helped countless of companies succeed in the online world. From businesses engaged in the leisure industry to the hospitality industry and even to the toy retail industry, they’ve all trusted PRDA Asia to deliver the goods – and PRDA Asia does just that! Some of the procedures exercised by PRDA Asia including coming up with good messages for branding and positioning the same across multiple sites, geographies and times, setting KPIs as well as tried and tested keyword optimization.


Want to know more? Find success in reaching your target customers with PRDA Asia Hong Kong, Asia’s leading social media agency. Visit PRDA Asia to find out more!


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Primasia Corporate Services Hong Kong Can Get Those Receipts In Order

April 8, 2015


Is your company in Hong Kong having a difficult time getting those official receipts in order? Is the employee in-charge of keeping those receipts (whether issued by the company or considered as expenses) still learning how to incorporate them according to Hong Kong laws on accounting and taxation? Is time already running out? Let Primasia Corporate Services Limited Hong Kong help you!


With decades of solid professional experience, knowledgeable personnel and countless of satisfied clients, Primasia Corporate Services Hong Kong can take over the receipt-related tasks to make accomplishing your company’s accounting, tax and documentation requirements smooth and hassle-free. Gathering receipts, keeping track of them, making sure the appropriate types of receipts are jotted down on the record books and ensuring that proper financial reports are churned out – these are truly important especially if your company is still starting out. Companies that have been operating for years also need these especially if they intend to expand in the very near future.


Aside from accounting and tax-related services, Primasia Corporate Services Hong Kong also offers staff recruitment or employment, trade services, admin and support as well as nominee director recruitment services.


Give them a call now and ask about the many ways they can help you and your business. Make sure that you choose a corporate services provider in Hong Kong that truly knows the government requirements and local landscape in and out!


Ask Primasia about these services as well:


  •    Opening bank accounts.
  •    Applying for work visas.
  •    Locating office or factory space.
  •    Preparing financial statements, tax filings and annual audits.
  •    Managing payrolls.
  •    Renewing business licences.
  •    Arranging payments to Chinese suppliers.
  •    Writing due diligence reports.


Call +852 2882 2088 for appointments and further inquiries or send email to info@primasia.hk. You can also visit Primasia Hong Kong at Suite 1106-8, 11/F., Tai Yau Building,181 Johnston Road, Wanchai.


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