Primasia Corporate Services Hong Kong Can Get Those Receipts In Order


Is your company in Hong Kong having a difficult time getting those official receipts in order? Is the employee in-charge of keeping those receipts (whether issued by the company or considered as expenses) still learning how to incorporate them according to Hong Kong laws on accounting and taxation? Is time already running out? Let Primasia Corporate Services Limited Hong Kong help you!


With decades of solid professional experience, knowledgeable personnel and countless of satisfied clients, Primasia Corporate Services Hong Kong can take over the receipt-related tasks to make accomplishing your company’s accounting, tax and documentation requirements smooth and hassle-free. Gathering receipts, keeping track of them, making sure the appropriate types of receipts are jotted down on the record books and ensuring that proper financial reports are churned out – these are truly important especially if your company is still starting out. Companies that have been operating for years also need these especially if they intend to expand in the very near future.


Aside from accounting and tax-related services, Primasia Corporate Services Hong Kong also offers staff recruitment or employment, trade services, admin and support as well as nominee director recruitment services.


Give them a call now and ask about the many ways they can help you and your business. Make sure that you choose a corporate services provider in Hong Kong that truly knows the government requirements and local landscape in and out!


Ask Primasia about these services as well:


  •    Opening bank accounts.
  •    Applying for work visas.
  •    Locating office or factory space.
  •    Preparing financial statements, tax filings and annual audits.
  •    Managing payrolls.
  •    Renewing business licences.
  •    Arranging payments to Chinese suppliers.
  •    Writing due diligence reports.


Call +852 2882 2088 for appointments and further inquiries or send email to You can also visit Primasia Hong Kong at Suite 1106-8, 11/F., Tai Yau Building,181 Johnston Road, Wanchai.


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