Topnotch Pilates Training At Iso Fit Hong Kong


Pilates is not just exercise. It is an exercise system that strengthens the abdomen, back and buttocks and results in a more stabilized, flexible and strong body. Pilates combines specific, studied movements, breathing patterns and coordinations to produce aligned musculature and skeleton without necessarily increasing body bulk. Because pilates improves posture and overall alignment, it is a favorite core exercise system among athletes.


In Hong Kong, there is only one pilates center that offers topnotch pilates training led by highly trained personnel. Established in 1998, Iso Fit Hong Kong offers training in pilates and Gyrotonic exercise methods based on valued clients’ budget, schedules, training goals and level of experience. Iso Fit offers unbeatable prices for group and private lessons and even rewards loyal clients with free sessions as well as additional discounts.


The professionals at Iso Fit can guide you and make sure that your routines are correct. This is very crucial since you may not achieve proper balanced strength and flexibility if you do not have adequate professional supervision.


Aside from the classes and personnel, what also makes Iso Fit really exceptional is the well-equipped studio that also doubles as an educator training center. Hence, it’s not only a place for students, it’s also a place for teachers! The Iso Fit studio is guaranteed safe, comfortable and has a non-competitive feel. Something that pilates practitioners would really appreciate.


Iso Fit also offers Rehabilitation services through their Pilates trained Physiotherapists.


Contact Iso Fit now and see how very well their classes “fit” your lifestyle!


Call them at (+852) 2869 8630 or send email to Visit them at 802-805, 8/F Yu Yuet Lai Building, 43-55 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong


Visit the official Iso Fit website at


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