HIV Advocates Urge Women To Make Fight Against HIV A Personal Commitment


HIV is still a huge issue for women. The numbers are still frightening – women still account for 20 percent of all new HIV infections while African-American women account for roughly two thirds of this population. Although the overall number of HIV infections is down, what’s alarming is that a staggering 84 percent of new female HIV infections are actually attributed to heterosexual sex. This is a statistic that everyone should be aware of and should know how to properly address.


are_hiv_symptoms_in_women_likely_to_be_different_1927_xThis is also the very statistic that drives HIV Advocates to urge women to continue the fight against HIV. In fact, the group urges women to make the fight a part of their personal, individual commitment. Women should not only discuss these alarming facts among friends and family, they should also advocate governments to listen up and take notice.


Dr. Susan Blumenthal, amfAR Senior Policy and Medical Advisor, has said it: the key to reducing HIV infections among women is advocating for healthcare public policy changes. This means that unless people remain uninsured, unaware of the risks and unable to receive proper HIV care, then the figures will rise.


According to Dr. Blumenthal, among the public policy changes “are ensuring women are adequately represented in clinical trial research; developing prevention technologies specifically for women; doing interventions for women facing HIV as a result of violence; increasing access to women’s reproductive healthcare; and advocating for Medicaid expansions.”


The challenge now is: how do you get involved in the fight? Simple: join HIV Advocates, a global initiative to share news, experiences, strategies as well as new tools that aim to energize human rights movements and communities fighting HIV/AIDS.

Join HIV Advocates today and be an ally in the fight against the disease.


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