Join Hotel Royal Macau in Raising Environmental Awareness for a Greener Tomorrow!



Preserving resources can be as simple as remembering to turn off lights and electronics at home when not in use.  Simple energy saving measures like this help us create a greener city for the next generation!


In June 2015, Hotel Royal Macau participated in “Macau Energy Saving Week 2015” and continues to promote awareness this July and onwards by switching off the lights from 10pm – midnight every Tuesday. It is our hope this small reminder serves to remind us how important energy conservation is.

Hotel Royal Macau is a luxurious hotel located in the heart of Macau. We are steps from the Colina da Guia; both the highest point in Macau at 94 meters above sea level and a legendary historic landmark that includes the Guia Fortress & Lighthouse.

Families enjoy the convenience of sightseeing Macau without the need for a vehicle. Business travelers love having our business district a short stroll from their room. Everyone enjoys our top-notch 5-star service and gorgeous, comfortable rooms that ensure a restful night’s slumber. You’ll find a haven of comfort and serenity with us; in one of Asia’s most exciting cities.



Hungry? Enjoy a memorable meal with 2 fine dining restaurants on-site!  You’ll enjoy authentic Shanghainese Cuisine at our Catalpa Garden that features delicious local flavors. Try our authentic Portuguese cuisine from our award-winning chef at FADO’s! You can even order meals cooked on a portable stove in front of you for an entertaining experience you’ll never forget! Satisfy your sweet tooth with decadent pastries from our impressive Royal Bakery.

Well equipped with modern conveniences and lux amenities; use our fitness center to get your sweat on, then relax with a swim or a visit to our sauna and steam-room!

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