Share a Selfie with Famous Landmark Only 10 Minutes from Hotel Royal Macau


Macau is a small city in terms of the landmass at only 30 square kilometers, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in history. Portuguese settlers originally settled Macau in 1557 and began to build the city up from nothing. They used the same building techniques and created the same architecture that they had in their homeland on the Iberian peninsula. Today, these centuries-old buildings make perfect tourist destinations and a couple of the most beautiful sites stand only blocks away from Hotel Royal Macau.


The Portuguese built many churches in Macau but few are as old as St. Lazarus Church, which is located on the Rua de João de Almeida, about four blocks from the front door of Hotel Royal Macau. Walk through the gorgeous Vasco de Gama garden, and up the road to St. Lazarus Church, where the religious structure has been since it was built in 1569. Historically, St. Lazarus served as the first church in Macau that was meant for Chinese converts. Every guest of Hotel Royal Macau should take advantage of their proximity to this special piece of history. Take a leisurely stroll from our hotel and within 10 minutes walk to Tac Seac Square or St. Lazarus Church. Share a selfie with the “Step Out, Macau” app!
11698671_454995681345929_7373590955689706239_n.jpg-oh=795e68b1e7a9c95bd8a7a7d0e23722dd&oe=56164E68&__gda__=1447575390_7af7b6a751393caa0706bb4970989de7Even closer to Hotel Royal Macau is the Tap Seac Square, in fact, it is just across the street. Tap Seac Square is lined with neoclassical Portuguese architecture that contrasts the modern skyscrapers of Macau’s skyline. The buildings of the square are peppered with archways and painted in rich hues of burgundy and gold. A visit to Tap Seac Square takes Hotel Royal Macau guests back in time, for a taste of how Macau was founded.

Hotel Royal Macau provides more than five-star accommodations. We provide our guests with a home base from which they can explore all the historical wonders that Macau has to offer. Conveniently, our central location is close to both old and new Macau, and after you take a selfie at St. Lazarus and Tap Seac, Macau’s casinos and shopping centers will be waiting.


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