Experience the Thrill of Racing on Virtual Tracks at Sideways Driving Club

Addicted to your Xbox or Play station? If you ever wanted to experience the thrill of a real racing event through a virtual world then here is your chance. It is time to experience the world of racing for real on the best simulators of the world giving you a far better experience than your Xbox or Play station! Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong, a virtual racing centre in Hong Kong gives you the opportunity to live your dreams and enter the track of virtual racing with both amateur and experienced racers. Open events for everyone are organised at Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong all year long.


The online gaming industry has evolved like never before. It no longer is a niche area for a certain consumer segment. Today gaming has become a viable form of entertainment for players of all ages and backgrounds. Racing games have been popular ever since the first home computers were available. Racing against others online is packed with fun and enjoyment. It would be difficult to differentiate the adrenaline rush generated from a real track game for an online racer.

11755116_946361702052806_1116522551427929914_n.jpg-oh=c533af8e92744519323ca728ccdf0532&oe=567816A9&__gda__=1448994597_5d4acc4bfafb4237db1c3f5257613d08Races have been staged for years for various reasons like promoting awareness and funds, but the common motive is thrill and fun. But does the modern day racer wait for a racing event to be held on the tracks? Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong creates a platform for competitive sportspeople who are keen to experience the ride of their life. You can also find out time to socialise off the tracks at this centre. The unique and challenging events of racing held at this centre is a must visit for all sports lovers. So ready…get set and off you go!


Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong is one of the most popular virtual racing centres of Hong Kong. It is held every year with more enthusiasm and thrill. Ever since its inception, the number of people visiting this centre has only increased. To give you a realistic experience, Sideways Driving Club gives you different options in simulators that come with realistic steering and pedals. The same software used in Ferrari or Force India is used here. You can choose from more than 100 cars and international circuits crossing 200 in number. You also get access to a source that displays the current championship as you continue speeding it up on your track!


The events at Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong give the participants and their companions an opportunity to have a ball. Apart from the thrill of racing you can gorge on mouth watering foods like pizzas, Thai, Japanese, Mexican and many more. You also get access to a bar where you can chill out as you see people battling it out on the online racing tracks. If you have brought kids with you who are busy speeding up their cars on the tracks, you can do some shopping since the entire place is very well supervised.


Therefore, whether you are a racing enthusiast or not, you cannot miss out on this exciting opportunity offered by Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong. Whether you decide to come alone, with your friends or entire family, a day out at Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong will guarantee you one of the best and fun filled moments of your life. So, it is time to gear you up and enter the virtual racing tracks on a real circuit in Hong Kong!


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