Go Green with Bamboa Home


GO Green. You hear about it, you read about, you have to answer your children’s questions about how and why you are not contributing to environmental sustainability in your everyday life.


Now you can.


Go Green is an initiative by Bamboa Home to help protect the world’s forests from deforestations. Bamboa Home has a retail boutique situated in the PMQ Building located Soho, Hong Kong. The design team at Bamboa Home, markets bamboo products ranging from tableware, lifestyle products, flooring as well as fabric.

Bamboa Home believes that beautiful and durable household products should not come at the environment’s expense. They have made it their mission to rediscover bamboo’s quality and beauty and has made it their aim to start replacing materials such as hardwoods, stainless steel, plastics and concrete.




Bamboa Home has a futuristic approach and constantly keeps in mind that resources are becoming scarcer, we are exposed to limited energy, Bamboa Home has therefore considered it their calling to help rediscover the beauty and qualities of Bamboo


What is it about Bamboo?

  • Bamboo is important in environmental conservation and for rehabilitating degraded land
  • Bamboo products are all environmentally friendly
  • Bamboo releases 30% more oxygen than trees
  • Bamboo is considered a critical element in the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • Bamboo is a type of grass with over 1000 different species
  • Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the earth, with some species reported to grow up to a meter within 24 hours

The design team at Bamboa Home makes sure to keep up with times and guarentees the consumer attractive, trendy, fashionable designs which are low in cost.

Purchasing your household requirements from Bamboa Home does not only afford you the luxury to say to everyone that you are finally Green and not trying to Go Green, but it affords you and opportunity to directly contribute to environmental projects.

A portion of the proceeds from selling bamboo products is donated by Bamboa Home towards environmental projects, which helps protect our earth’s biodiversity and the nature. Bamboa Home’s mission is to provide beautiful products that help rural communities, support local artisans and encourage the use of a sustainable resource. Bamboo and rattan are integral to the lives of about 1.5 billion people. Bamboo and rattan offers these people, who incidentally make up about a quarter of the present world population, a sustainable way out of poverty by providing them with a stable source of income.

Bamboa Home is part of the Designing Green bloggers on Style by Asia, where you can read about green designs happening in Hong Kong.


Stop saying you are Going Green, get to Bamboa and BE GREEN!


Visit our store: S304, Tower A, 35 Aberdeen Street (PMQ) Central, Hong Kong


Shop at our website: http://www.bamboahome.com/

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