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September 4, 2015


Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong has come up with a software that has made their services and experiences better for their customers. The software has made it a reality to make your dreams valid. The venue has tones of people who flock the area for entertainment with an awesome feeling of physically being in the track with everything close enough to reality. This is all possible with the help of a software that they have come up with that one can use to 11880407_953243664697943_3288433565262727438_n.jpg-oh=96e391f5d9a2baae06257281c63978e9&oe=566DE817follow up on their progress in the game and where they are on the score board. This is a good thing as you can take this as a challenge to better yourself at the competition. This is a great getaway for those people who love cars and speed but cannot do it in reality for one reason or another. There are several types of simulators, 15 in number that you can choose from.


Some of the cars that players can choose from are: Renault super Clio, F3 choices which comes in different colors, Porsche 997 GT3, F1 and Audi R8. There are 100s of other types of cars available but these are the most common ones in the game. Additionally, there are different circuits to choose from, over 200, which are from different parts of the world. The most commonly selected circuits are F1 circuits, temporary circuits, permanent circuits, vintage circuits and street circuits among others. You can get all these under one roof at Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong.


11226045_959068664115443_8213965338302148647_n.jpg-oh=9307304de9e886f7d0ebfed971498a02&oe=56656B3EThe experience during these races is great too. You can choose to watch the race or participate in one. The games have been designed to be really close to reality and you even get a free pizza treat while at the club. The software is similar to the ones used at force India, Ferrari and red bull. It is the kind of software that is used to train drivers on how to handle heavy gear shifters. The pedals have been designed with high quality materials, aluminum, making them durable and reliable too. This makes one feel like they are actually on the real race in the field. The screens are high definition and headphones which makes all sounds very clear and close to what you would have in reality too.


Want a different experience from your usual racing games? Then this is the place to be. You have a more real experience thanks to our professionally designed simulators. You can book a spot online for the next game. Depending on how you find the games and the club in general, you can leave us a message on the same or drop us an email, with complaints or complements. For more information on the same, you can connect with us on Facebook or check our twitter feed. Besides playing games and conversing with us, you can also request for a callback using this software. Additionally, you can also check for prices online for the games, check the lap times you have covered and what is remaining as well as the map that you are supposed to follow during the game.


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