A Colorful Beach Wedding Adorned by an Exquisite Augusta Jones Wedding Gown Available at Hitched! Bridal Hong Kong


A beach wedding is perfect idea, because of the beautiful sun and the beautiful view of the ocean. In addition, the sand is equally beautiful. There is something special about the beach. It makes the ceremony to be more romantic that any other wedding venue. While planning for a beach wedding, you should have everything match the décor, starting with the dress, decorations, and even the bouquet.  


The Exquisite Gown


You cannot pull off a luxurious wedding without walking down the aisle with a uniquely designed Augusta Jones Wedding Gown from HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong. The gown is simple, yet elegant. The figure-hugging gown reveals the natural shape of the wearer. It has a stylistic band on the waist that enhances the shape of the bride. One of the best ideas to hold a beautiful beach wedding is to keep it simple yet exquisite. A delicate lace covers the arms of the bride, making her look stunningly beautiful and breathtaking.


Augusta Jones Collections at HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong, excellent collection of gowns, meets the needs of every bride. The bride will look amazing in the strapless dress. The delicate lace on the arms enhances the elegance of the bride. The designer considers the warm temperature at the beach, and, therefore, the gown is soft on the skin, and the bride will not have to struggle in discomfort during the ceremony. The gown reflects the laid-back feeling of a beach.


The Décor


Once you have found the perfect gown, it is time to take your innovation to a completely new level. Who said that your bouquet you cannot put starfish on your bride bouquet? You can actually make it an entirely beach themed wedding. How about scattering the shells among the candles? You can also put floating candles. You have the liberty to design the venue the way you want because a beach is a place where you let everything go.


You can also have assorted natural shells and arrange them according to their sizes. You can work within your budget and get a luxurious wedding that does not have to cost a lot of money. The key factor during a beach wedding is to keep it elegant and yet simple. You can even get decorated sand to distinguish the aisle from the rest of the beach area. Get as creative as you can because you can take advantage of this serene setting to make your ceremony a memorable event.


Visit HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong to see more of the Augusta Jones wedding gowns that exude simple yet distinct luxury. Feel free to ask for recommendations from the shop’s professional consultants.


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