Why Bro-Dal Showers Are the Next Big Thing in Weddings?


Because girls shouldn’t have all the fun, that’s why the Pope invented Bro-Dal showers to level the playing field. A Bro-Dal shower is a Bridal shower for bros. Do you get it? Because bros need another excuse to get together for a rambunctious time and because getting married is a special experience to be shared with your closest friends and family. Throw a monkey wrench into tradition by throwing your own Bro-Dal shower and remember to have Mediative Hong Kong there to document the festivities.


The Bro-Dal shower is a new trend emerging for anti-establishment millenials who are now reaching marriage age. In the name of equality, the Bro-Dal shower affords grooms the very same rights and privileges as brides, and the results are always thrilling. Bro-Dal showers have fun themes, loud music, and plenty of libations, so it is safe to say they are a trend that is here to stay. Mediative Hong Kong takes the same care and quality to Bro-Dal showers as we do to wedding days, but with a fun twist!



we have attended and

The goal of a Bro-Dal shower is to celebrate a man in a self-aware way. Mediative Hong Kong understands this and photographs with an appropriate attitude. Recently photographed several Bro-Dal showers, from cigar smoking recesses to beard decorating games, capturing all the laughs and ridiculousness along the way.


When you think Bro-Dal, think fun. When you think Mediative Hong Kong, think awesome memories that will last throughout your marriage. So, raise a glass and throw some meat on the grill. It’s time to Bro-Dal! By the way, the Pope has nothing to do with them. We made that up.


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