GlocalMe’s G1 —Your Best Travel Buddy!


Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure purposes, it is essential for you to have a stable internet connection. You need to have your digital device working at all times with reliable connection because of various reasons including your communication needs or if you need to check on your maps and trip ideas from the Internet. You can send and receive emails even when on the go or update your home office on what’s happening with your overseas business meeting. You can also post on social media updates on your trips or a selfie with a world famous landmark behind you. All these and more you can enjoy with the cost-effective and very reliable G1 of GlocalMe.


The service of GlocalMe can be enjoyed in over a hundred countries all over the world including to most exciting and most visited travelling destinations to ensure you are connected at all times. Even better, the company is making sure that they check on more of the best places in the world to add on to their network. Furthermore, the G1 of GlocalMe has free roaming services, which feature a cloud SIM that allows you to switch from one mobile network to another also in all these countries services worldwide.


11880644_828747360557843_9040916125034885985_n.jpg-oh=273aa81b524c8549b2a186d73e812655&oe=5639BAD6&__gda__=1449493389_a5101851324552da8fc8a7bc47185478Roaming charges for calls, SMS and most especially for data will definitely take you by surprise—a bad kind of surprise—when you see your phone bill after days or weeks of travelling. Even the supposedly affordable packages most mobile companies offer have not really been very helpful for many. You no longer have to worry about this as you can save hundreds of dollars with the pay-as-you-go or data packages that you can purchase from GlocalMe. Getting the G1 requires no contract so you won’t get a monthly bill—you can simply use it and load it up when you travel!


The G1 of GlocalMe is your personal Wi-Fi that’s secure enough to give you assurance that there will be no hacking and no surveillance of your browsing and location as well. The G1S can provide Wi-Fi access to 5 of your devices simultaneously—from your laptop to tablet to smartphone and other digital devices that need Wi-Fi connection.


When you’re travelling, you probably have encountered numerous times when you have exhausted the battery of your mobile phone. It is great to know that the GlocalMe can also be a power bank to charge your phone when you’re on the go with its 6000mAh maximum capacity.


To start using your GlocalMe G1, just register your account, activate your device, make a payment via your VISA, Mastercard or your Paypal account then you can already start surfing! You can also download the GlocalMe app on your iOS or Android devices where you can purchase data on the go, as well as check on your balance and detailed bill.


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