Hotel Royal Macau is now on Groupon


As if you needed another reason to visit Macau’s finest hotel, the Hotel Royal Macau now offers getaway deals for two on Groupon! A pairing that is almost too good to be true, Groupon is famous for getting customers the greatest deals and Hotel Royal Macau is renowned for its central location, luxurious accommodations, and careful service. Anyone traveling to Macau between now and November 30th can redeem a Groupon for a 2 day and one night stay in a Superior room, with many extras included.

Imagine this scenario: You arrive in Macau after a long week of work ready to relax. Upon arrival at the Hotel Royal Macau,our friendly staff will assists you and led to your room, contemporarily decorated with a large window that overlooks the green, lush Vasco de Gama garden. After a stroll around the neighborhood takes you the St. Lazarus Church and Tac Seac Square, you return to the hotel for a complimentary tea. Then, you and your partner take a dip in the heated pool before a short nap in the room. Upon waking, feeling refreshed for the evening, dinner is served the award winning Catalpa Garden Restaurant.


That is the exact weekend that Hotel Royal Macau is now offering on Groupon. Visitors will receive all of the above and more. Access to a fitness center, lobby lounge, and on-site authentic Portuguese restaurant are also included. Besides the internal facilities, outside the hotel are countless historical sites and tourist destinations. Really, there are too many world-class amenities to mention, so you will have to discover them for yourself. To see photos and learn more about this extraordinary opportunity, visit the Hotel Royal Macau Groupon page for all the details,


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