GlocalMe G2 – Buy or Rent

Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, people today have Internet access almost anywhere they go. However, there are situations in which people who are traveling abroad have problems with their connection or the infrastructure in that country is incompatible with their device. This results in very weak Internet connection or complete absence of internet connection. This is where GlocalMe comes into the picture. With the help of GlocalMe, users can keep their connection to the network all around the globe.


So, thanks to GlocalMe you can connect your mobile device or laptop on the preferred network regardless of your location and you can use the Internet without paying a small fortune on roaming services. GlocalMe uses special cloud SIM technology that gives users an opportunity to choose different networks. Obviously, travelers in need of stable Internet connection will benefit the most by using this solution.

GlocalMe is available on Amazon which makes the purchase quite simple. There are two different data plans provided by GlocalMe and it is up to the user to find which one suits them the best.

Before we share the details, let’s mention that regardless of the plan you choose, you will save money because GlocalMe is the most affordable solution in the market. If you choose a data package, you will get 1 GB (around the world or in Southeast Asia or in Japan) for $32/$13/$16 respectively or 3 GB at the price of $29 or $43 if you are in China and Hong Kong. The more expensive plan includes Taiwan. The data package lasts for one year. The pay as you go data package varies in different countries, but the average price is $0.05 per MB.

In addition, you can choose to buy the device or you can rent it for a certain number of days. The first option is good for those who are travelling on a regular basis while the other option is suitable for people who are not travelling so frequently or the ones that want to test the device.

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