Digital Nomads and GlocalMe


Digital nomad is a relatively new term that describes an individual that earns money online and can travel anywhere in the world as long as they have access to the Internet. They are established professionals and it takes only limited resources and effort for them to start earning money. In other words, being a digital nomad allows you to make a great combination of traveling the world and working. Even though many people associate this word with people who do low-income jobs and stay in cheap motels, the truth is that there are people who are able to pursue big money careers and travel the world.


If you are interested in practicing this lifestyle or you are already a digital nomad, you need to take one thing into consideration – the amount of money you spend for the Internet connection. It can be quite costly to use roaming in every country you visit. However, with the help of GlocalMe, a company that has developed special cloud SIM technology, these costs can be cut. GlocalMe, is a device used as a Wi-Fi hotspot that allows users to find the best operator network. Compared to standard prices paid for roaming, GlocalMe, is 20 or even more times cheaper. This is definitely something useful if you are a digital nomad. Cutting these expenses means that you will get a chance to enjoy more in the places where you are planning to stay for a while.

The usefulness of this technology was recently confirmed by Coboat. This project has a unique concept which allows a small group of people to get involved in co-working on a beautiful catamaran sailing around the globe. Now, thanks to GlocalMe, the participants in this project will have fast and reliable internet connection on board!

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