Flodins Omega-3 Pork Has Been 6,000 Years in the Making

March 31, 2016


In the harsh climates of Scandinavia, early farmers faced in uphill battle in domesticating livestock. However, after settlers from Central Europe moved north, the local populations learned to raise animals for consumption quickly and efficiently. Now, the legacy of high quality Nordic farming is continued by Scandinavia’s number one meat expert, HKScan.


Currently, HKScan raises lamb, beef, poultry, and pork products and exports them throughout Scandinavia and to over 50 countries worldwide. Asia has always been an important market for the brand and the opening of a corporate office in Hong Kong reveals the continued dedication HKScan has to the region. And, because of the new office, Asian markets and restaurants will have access to the finest Nordic meat products fresh from Finland.



China is the world’s second largest pork market and Hong Kong makes an excellent port of entry for HKScan’s Flodin Foods omega-3 pork. Flodin Foods pork emerged after 5 years of committed research from Finnish food scholars and the resulting pork is more tender, healthier, and tastier than any pork ever. The secret is a specialized feeding process that incorporates rapeseed oil which enriches the meat and boosts the amount of healthy omega-3 fatty acids.


Chefs and home cooks alike can see and taste the difference in Flodin Foods omega-3 pork. The pork is easier to cook because of the even distribution of fat which also makes the taste more consistent. And, because of the strict laws regulating the production of meat in Scandinavia, every shipment from HKScan is 100% salmonella and GMO-free.


Ancient Scandinavians valued a high fat content in their meat for increased flavor and calorie count. HKScan has managed to maintain the deliciousness of Nordic meat while producing a healthier pork product for the world to consume. Once you try HKScan omega-3 pork, you will never go back.


Now with Flodin Foods in Hong Kong, you may not fret over the quality of meat available in the local market. Buy Flodin Foods products for a guarantee of quality and healthy meat products.


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Enjoy Easter Holiday Dinner at Fado, Hotel Royal Macau and Give your Easter Gifts From Bamboa, Gourmet Skin Bar Hong Kong and Le Luxury!

March 23, 2016

12744203_1054764534565428_6484951511447784082_n.jpg-oh=1394e4e23ccab3640de58ad2a4830666&oe=574E28BCEnjoy A Special Easter Holiday at Fado, Hotel Royal Macau

Easter is just around the corner and the perfect time to create fun-filled memories with your loved ones. This year, we invite you to celebrate Easter the Portuguese way at FADO restaurant, with a special a-la-carte menu created by Executive Chef, Luís Américo.

FADO’s Easter Special a-la-carte menu is available for a limited time only, from March 21st to 28th, 2016 and possible for guests to mix and match dishes of your choice. For enquiries or dining reservation, please call (853) 2855 2222, ext. 142. Come enjoy a beautiful Easter experience at Hotel Royal Macau!



12744203_1054764534565428_6484951511447784082_n.jpg-oh=1394e4e23ccab3640de58ad2a4830666&oe=574E28BC (1)

Give the Gift of Steiff this Easter at Le Luxury


Le Luxury prides itself on being a hub of gifts. From jewellery to watches and other condiments, we want our customers to have affordable gifts delivered at their doorstep. Buying a gift for Easter Sunday is a task most people avoid, and pass on gifts received from others. But if you want to make your statement to someone special, we have the gift for you!
The Beauty Chef_revised website_Living BeautyGreen Your Routine with The Beauty Chef This Easter


When someone utters the phrase, “beautiful on the inside and out,” they are referring to positive character traits in conjunction with attractive physical features. Oftentimes, when someone is beautiful on the inside, they have an outward glow that affects everyone around them in a positive way. One special skin care brand, The Beauty Chef, gives everyone the opportunity to shine from the inside out and The Beauty Chef is now available at Gourmet Skin Bar.


Bamboo T-shirt Men 8-ball Elliot-400x400

Go Green This Easter with Bamboa

Bamboa believes in providing eco-friendly products made from Bamboo and its derivatives. Providing options to cater to all aspects of a home, Bamboa ensures you play your role towards a sustainable economy. Bamboa products are made from Bamboo – one of the fastest growing plants which also cleans up carbon dioxide from the air. A notch up above commercial production, Bamboa products are long-lasting and budget-friendly options for your home.


Green Common is a haven for people looking for a change from commercial products. Housing eco-friendly products, Green Common ensures you play your part in promoting a green economy – an industry where all products are environment-friendly. Bamboa Products are now available at Green Common Stores across Hong Kong. Both Bamboa and Green Common contribute to community ventures and projects which promote a healthy lifestyle.


Indulgence for the Family at Hotel Royal Macau

March 4, 2016


Macau has something for everyone – adults and children alike. With Easter holiday round the corner, many families chose to take small vacations to unwind. Since it’s festive season, many hotels offer deals for budget travelers in Macau. One of the budget-friendly and family-friendly hotels is Hotel Royal Macau near Fortaleza do Monte.

When on vacation with children, the attractions to visit are endless. In Macau, the sunset from the observation deck at Macau Tower is a sight to behold. Macau Tower also offers bungee jumping for adventure lovers. If you want the kids to have a history lesson, you can also visit the Ruins of St.Paul’s – which dates back to the 16th century. If the children want some activities, you can visit Qube which is an interactive gaming – zone for kids with pool tables, computer games and wall climbing. You can also soak in the sun at Macau’s beautiful beaches.


12565447_940673255986020_7394142586981024091_n.jpg-oh=f4472e4fd0a4fb17fe941cb046ab2fee&oe=57529AEBWith so many options of entertainment, one has to enjoy the maximum offerings without burning a hole in the wallet. The most expense on any vacation is that of the hotel, as accommodating families means booking two rooms. Combine that with breakfast and meal costs, and that’s a whopping 50% of your budget. Thankfully, Hotel Royal Macau understands the needs of the budget traveler, and offers luxury accommodation at reasonable prices.


12715814_679160542186875_6102553664892554949_n.jpg-oh=3e66907c9e4b0a4becdc48e6439c84f8&oe=57507FF5The Family Suite at Hotel Royal Macau caters to 4 people easily, 2 adults and 2 children. The room offered has a covered area of 473 square feet, with a spacious sofa area. Family Suite also includes free WiFi, LCD TV with cable TV channels, DVD player, bathroom amenities, individual air-conditioning control, in-room safety box, free use of indoor swimming pool and health club. Breakfast Buffet -with American Breakfast for 4 persons is also included in our Hot Deal, which offers a discount of 30% for the Family Suite.


So you can keep any expense worries at bay and let us to welcome you and your family to Macau!


Scan the WeChat QR Code or search WeChat ID:macauhotelroyal for updated information, anytime! Book your stay with us by calling (853) 2855-2222.









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Nordic Farming Products in Asia with Flodin Foods

March 4, 2016


With so many health problems on the rise, consumers are switching to high-quality products grown in premium conditions. While commercial farmers use pesticides and alter crop yields, they compromise on quality and health concerns.


Farming originated in the Nordic countries, a practise brought to the land by Mediterranean Immigrants. Even today, products of Nordic farms are high in demand. Several companies have taken on the task of supplying produce from Nordic farms, primarily the meat. One of those is Flodin Foods, which will now be supplying premium quality meat from Nordic Farms in Asia.


Nordic farming practices and techniques have been passed down from generations. Feeding farm animals with nutritious feed and ensuring their healthy growth and breeding has been a top priority in Nordic farmers. Nordic farming is not just a brand name of Europe, it is a kind of science using primal practices to yield high quality products.


Our associated Nordic Farms operate with complete transparency, and we ensure that the animals we use are bred and fed without the use of growth promoters or antibiotics. Each farm has its own health care plan, so communicable diseases and epidemics among farm animals are prevented. Each step of meat processing is checked and accounted for, and all European laws regarding meat and poultry farming, processing and supplying are abided with. Nordic farmers have been supplying beef, poultry and lamb products and processed meat items to retail stores, restaurants and for export, to local and international markets.


Now with Flodin Foods in Hong Kong, you may not fret over the quality of meat available in the local market. Buy Flodin Foods products for a guarantee of quality and healthy meat products.


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The Crisis of Using Free Wi-Fi while Traveling

March 1, 2016


One of the easiest ways to be hacked in public is to use free Wi-Fi services. A hacker can intercept your name, address, credit card information and other personal details. A public network is unsecure. People who use it should know that it opens up their laptop, Smartphone or tablet to a third party who may be lurking around the area.


Free public Wi-Fi is everywhere. it is offered in restaurants, libraries, stores, and airports. It might be a convenient way to stay connected to the Internet, but may also put you in danger. Users should be more skeptical about free networks and should take precautions to ensure that their mobile device and information are safe and secure.


When you are on a free Wi-Fi network, you should avoid making any financial transactions or using credit cards. Identity thieves often use public networks to steal information that they use on their own shopping spree. According to security experts, it is easy to access one’s private information and this is why users should be on guard when using free Wi-Fi. Security experts also recommend not logging into one’s social network and email accounts while on public Wi-Fi. Too much personal information can be exposed to unscrupulous people that will allow them to guess passwords on other accounts and at the same time steal one’s identity.


The most dangerous type of public Wi-Fi is a network that doesn’t require a password. People are lulled into a false sense of security and think that the security software installed in their computer can stop any attack. A lot of people don’t know that a hacker can easily intercept communications made on free Wi-Fi.


There are some cases in which people think they are connecting to a legitimate Wi-Fi network, but in reality, they are connecting to a rogue access point. More often than not, users are directed to a rogue site that looks like a legitimate website that asks them to input information such as user name, password, or credit card numbers. How many times have you been in an airport and dozens of free Wi-Fi networks are available for you? It is important to ensure that you are connecting to a real network and not a rogue one.


When travelling you should equip yourself with a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, such as GlocalMe G2. It is a safer and more secure way of staying connecting to the internet. It is a personal hotspot that will allow you stay online wherever you go. There’s no need to connect to a public network when you can bring your private network with you.


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