Nordic Farming Products in Asia with Flodin Foods


With so many health problems on the rise, consumers are switching to high-quality products grown in premium conditions. While commercial farmers use pesticides and alter crop yields, they compromise on quality and health concerns.


Farming originated in the Nordic countries, a practise brought to the land by Mediterranean Immigrants. Even today, products of Nordic farms are high in demand. Several companies have taken on the task of supplying produce from Nordic farms, primarily the meat. One of those is Flodin Foods, which will now be supplying premium quality meat from Nordic Farms in Asia.


Nordic farming practices and techniques have been passed down from generations. Feeding farm animals with nutritious feed and ensuring their healthy growth and breeding has been a top priority in Nordic farmers. Nordic farming is not just a brand name of Europe, it is a kind of science using primal practices to yield high quality products.


Our associated Nordic Farms operate with complete transparency, and we ensure that the animals we use are bred and fed without the use of growth promoters or antibiotics. Each farm has its own health care plan, so communicable diseases and epidemics among farm animals are prevented. Each step of meat processing is checked and accounted for, and all European laws regarding meat and poultry farming, processing and supplying are abided with. Nordic farmers have been supplying beef, poultry and lamb products and processed meat items to retail stores, restaurants and for export, to local and international markets.


Now with Flodin Foods in Hong Kong, you may not fret over the quality of meat available in the local market. Buy Flodin Foods products for a guarantee of quality and healthy meat products.


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