Enjoy Easter Holiday Dinner at Fado, Hotel Royal Macau and Give your Easter Gifts From Bamboa, Gourmet Skin Bar Hong Kong and Le Luxury!

12744203_1054764534565428_6484951511447784082_n.jpg-oh=1394e4e23ccab3640de58ad2a4830666&oe=574E28BCEnjoy A Special Easter Holiday at Fado, Hotel Royal Macau

Easter is just around the corner and the perfect time to create fun-filled memories with your loved ones. This year, we invite you to celebrate Easter the Portuguese way at FADO restaurant, with a special a-la-carte menu created by Executive Chef, Luís Américo.

FADO’s Easter Special a-la-carte menu is available for a limited time only, from March 21st to 28th, 2016 and possible for guests to mix and match dishes of your choice. For enquiries or dining reservation, please call (853) 2855 2222, ext. 142. Come enjoy a beautiful Easter experience at Hotel Royal Macau!



12744203_1054764534565428_6484951511447784082_n.jpg-oh=1394e4e23ccab3640de58ad2a4830666&oe=574E28BC (1)

Give the Gift of Steiff this Easter at Le Luxury


Le Luxury prides itself on being a hub of gifts. From jewellery to watches and other condiments, we want our customers to have affordable gifts delivered at their doorstep. Buying a gift for Easter Sunday is a task most people avoid, and pass on gifts received from others. But if you want to make your statement to someone special, we have the gift for you!
The Beauty Chef_revised website_Living BeautyGreen Your Routine with The Beauty Chef This Easter


When someone utters the phrase, “beautiful on the inside and out,” they are referring to positive character traits in conjunction with attractive physical features. Oftentimes, when someone is beautiful on the inside, they have an outward glow that affects everyone around them in a positive way. One special skin care brand, The Beauty Chef, gives everyone the opportunity to shine from the inside out and The Beauty Chef is now available at Gourmet Skin Bar.


Bamboo T-shirt Men 8-ball Elliot-400x400

Go Green This Easter with Bamboa

Bamboa believes in providing eco-friendly products made from Bamboo and its derivatives. Providing options to cater to all aspects of a home, Bamboa ensures you play your role towards a sustainable economy. Bamboa products are made from Bamboo – one of the fastest growing plants which also cleans up carbon dioxide from the air. A notch up above commercial production, Bamboa products are long-lasting and budget-friendly options for your home.


Green Common is a haven for people looking for a change from commercial products. Housing eco-friendly products, Green Common ensures you play your part in promoting a green economy – an industry where all products are environment-friendly. Bamboa Products are now available at Green Common Stores across Hong Kong. Both Bamboa and Green Common contribute to community ventures and projects which promote a healthy lifestyle.


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