Flodins Omega-3 Pork Has Been 6,000 Years in the Making


In the harsh climates of Scandinavia, early farmers faced in uphill battle in domesticating livestock. However, after settlers from Central Europe moved north, the local populations learned to raise animals for consumption quickly and efficiently. Now, the legacy of high quality Nordic farming is continued by Scandinavia’s number one meat expert, HKScan.


Currently, HKScan raises lamb, beef, poultry, and pork products and exports them throughout Scandinavia and to over 50 countries worldwide. Asia has always been an important market for the brand and the opening of a corporate office in Hong Kong reveals the continued dedication HKScan has to the region. And, because of the new office, Asian markets and restaurants will have access to the finest Nordic meat products fresh from Finland.



China is the world’s second largest pork market and Hong Kong makes an excellent port of entry for HKScan’s Flodin Foods omega-3 pork. Flodin Foods pork emerged after 5 years of committed research from Finnish food scholars and the resulting pork is more tender, healthier, and tastier than any pork ever. The secret is a specialized feeding process that incorporates rapeseed oil which enriches the meat and boosts the amount of healthy omega-3 fatty acids.


Chefs and home cooks alike can see and taste the difference in Flodin Foods omega-3 pork. The pork is easier to cook because of the even distribution of fat which also makes the taste more consistent. And, because of the strict laws regulating the production of meat in Scandinavia, every shipment from HKScan is 100% salmonella and GMO-free.


Ancient Scandinavians valued a high fat content in their meat for increased flavor and calorie count. HKScan has managed to maintain the deliciousness of Nordic meat while producing a healthier pork product for the world to consume. Once you try HKScan omega-3 pork, you will never go back.


Now with Flodin Foods in Hong Kong, you may not fret over the quality of meat available in the local market. Buy Flodin Foods products for a guarantee of quality and healthy meat products.


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