GlocalMe Enables Anyone to Stay Connected From Anywhere and at Anytime



Travelling broadens horizons, enriches life, and changes world perceptions unlike any other activity. There is no better way to experience a different culture than by immersing yourself in the day to day activities of a foreign place. That said, it is still important to stay connected to the modern world and one of the best ways to do that is through the internet. GlocalMe offers the simplest, most stylish, and most reliable way to stay connected with society from anywhere on earth.

        GlocalMe is a device, about the size of a large cell phone that connects to local wireless networks, creating a personal hotspot for users. Incredibly, GlocalMe does all of that automatically so users need only connect their devices to the WiFi signal to access the internet. Could it get any easier?

HKScan_restaurant_chef_04_8109_6-680x405Plus, up to five devices can be connected simultaneously, meaning a traveler can Skype mom on their computer, and check the news on a tablet, while instant messaging their best friend from their smartphone. Clearly, there has never been an easier, more affordable way to surf the web and stay in contact with friends and family while on an international adventure.

And, with GlocalMe, the convenience comes in a sleek, stylish package. The GlocalMe device looks like a next generation smartphone, with a full-color screen, smooth corners, a USB-port and two SIM card slots. Anyone will look cool carrying a GlocalMe and anyone will be thankful for the constant WiFi the GlocalMe provides.

The GlocalMe G2 is not only easy to use and fashionable, it is also practical. GlocalMe automatically selects the fastest and most stable network for broadcasting so every search is as fast as it can be. Additionally, GlocalMe gives users the peace of mind of a 100% hacker-free zone because it is a completely private internet service.

        Simple, stylish, and reliable, that’s GlocalMe. Soon, the word “essential” will certainly be added to that list.


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