Wow Your Guests with Fantastic Meals From Chef’s Choice Hong Kong and invite them to watch the Summer Festival and Performance Tour by Asian Youth Orchestra. Great Combination: Iso Fit Hong Kong Pilates and TRX with A Day with Fe Yoga Wear

1Summer Festival and Performance Tour by Asian Youth Orchestra

Asian Youth Orchestra will be imparting for a performance tour from 5 to 31 August is expected to perform in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Singapore, Hanoi, Nagoya, Ayase and Tokyo. The expenses of the Summer Festival and Performance Tour will be met by Asian Youth Orchestra. Audience can engage with the masters later on, and get more information about the working of Asian Youth Orchestra. As with every organization, we are nothing without our sponsors, so individual and corporate sponsorships will be entertained. If you are a music enthusiast, or want to learn with Asian Youth Orchestra, visit the Summer Festival or one of our performance tours, and let us take you back to the 20th century with its vivid and romantique symphonies.



Behind The Scenes of our Latest Collection

As with every year, A Day With Fe’ introduced its summer collection for 2016. The collection includes the brand’s best sellers from the previous collections: Hyacinthe Tops, Luxe Leggings and Jour bras. Hyacinthe tops are available in Black, Cloudy Grey and Pink. Luxe leggings are available in an array of colours to match with many tops, such as Wine, Taupe, Storm Grey and Petrol Blue. Jour bras are also available when you want to show off some of those abs you’ve been working on, and are available in Yellow, Petrol Blue and Blacks and Greys to match your ensemble. We also introduced Prana Wheels at our store, which is a new accessory to be used in yoga. Prana wheels can be used to assimilate yoga asanas, while also to relax and open your chest and to deepen back bends.



Let Us Wow Your Guests with Fantastic Meals From Chef’s Choice Hong Kong

Chef’s Choice is a meat store offering a diverse range of quality meat products and services. When it comes to catering to different needs of customers, Chef’s Choice leaves no stone unturned. Focusing on the prevalent trends and customers’ needs, the managers have introduced creatively delicious foods and events. Whether they’re products like, pork, beef, lamb, poultry, sausages or catering for corporate or individual events, all this represents company’s longstanding policy of establishing a heartfelt connection with its customers. Once you have tasted the products of Chef’s Choice, you are left with no other choice to fulfill your voracious appetite with our prime cuts of beef, lamb and poultry.



Great Combination: Iso Fit Hong Kong Pilates and TRX

Everyone loves the long, lean and toned body – and Iso Fit Hong Kong caters to your needs with some of the most advanced equipment in town. Iso Fit Hong Kong offers private and semi sessions as well as group classes for people motivated to work towards their health and fitness goals, not to mention a toned body! Iso Fit Hong Kong continues to add modern equipment to the studio, which is accessible for both the group and private sessions.



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