GlocalMe is “An Invaluable Tool” for Road Warriors and Globetrotting Businesspeople


As globalization continues, travel will continue to be an integral part of the life and career of businesspeople everywhere. GlocalMe believes that making deals in China should be just as simple as a meeting at your home office or a video conference from London. The only way to ensure business can continue as usual, regardless of location is to have a quality internet connection, a service provided exquisite by the GlocalMe G2.


An incredible innovation in smartphone accessories, the GlocalMe G2 is the first device in the world that provides users with a personalized 4G WiFi Hotspot. Forget about roaming charges and connection issues on business trips, GlocalMe takes care of it automatically. The network is also 100% safe, costs only a nickel per MB, and can be used on five devices simultaneously. According to Bob Tobias, a businessman and G2 user, “for a business traveler…this device can pay for itself in a very short while.”

Businesspeople aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the GlocalMe G2, any traveler will find a personal WiFi hotspot a convenient safety net. True road warriors pride themselves on seeking authentic adventure, sometimes in spite of the possible dangers. At least with a GlocalMe these free spirits will have an internet connection to guide them, whether they are lost in South America or sleeping in a car on a European highway.


Of the GlocalMe G2 Bob Tobias says, “[It is] an invaluable tool for the road warrior [or] globetrotting businessperson… I’ve used an earlier GlocalMe device and was quite happy with it. With this, I’m quite happier.” Find the reason behind Bob Tobias’ rave review; try the GlocalMe G2 on your next business trip or international adventure.


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