Ace Your Fitness Goals: Luxe Leggings From A Day With Fe’, Smartwatch By Polar and at Le Luxury and Take Part In Asia’s Premier Pilates Retreat Hosted by Iso Fit Hong Kong



Luxe Leggings From A Day With Fe’ Use Premium Italian Fabric For Premium Performance

Italians are known for producing many things: handmade pasta, luxury super cars, Grand Tour-winning bikes, and high fashion brands among them. Additionally, Italians are master craftsmen who have centuries of experience making the finest textiles from which leather car seats, cycling saddles, and runway-worthy dresses are woven. In the spirit of producing the best yoga inspired clothing in Hong Kong, A Day With Fe’ imports Italian fabrics to make Luxe leggings the perfect fit for any active woman.


A Day With Fe’ is a line of high-quality activewear designed for women who are seeking comfortable, durable, and spiritually enriched clothing. The complete line of garments, which includes tops, pants, dresses and more, is designed in Hong Kong with yogis in mind. Of course, A Day With Fe’ fashion isn’t limited to use as yoga gear. Many runners, walkers, cyclists, and dancers also find A Day With Fe’ to be excellent clothing for their active lives. Loyal A Day With Fe’ customers are even known to wear their garments for running errands and lounging around the house because they are just so comfortable!

2You Always Remember Your First…Smartwatch By Polar and at Le Luxury

The line between fashion and technology is being blurred by the eruption in popularity of wearables. Including devices like smartwatches, fitness bands, and smart glasses, these devices are becoming must have accessories for the fashion-forward and technologically savvy individual. Le Luxury has taken notice of these trends and is offering sleek, refined wearable pieces from Polar.


As the world’s first producer of heart rate monitors and activity trackers, Polar knows a thing or two about making functional and stylish accessories. Consider the Polar A360 Fitness Tracker, now available online from Le Luxury, which is equal parts fun, high-tech, and fashionable. The A360 is a colorful wristband that tracks and records heart rate, sleep quality, steps, calories burned and more! It is the perfect addition to any outfit, especially for the health conscious and those looking for their first smartwatch or wristband.


Want to Take Part In Asia’s Premier Pilates Retreat? Iso Fit Can Help!

Iso Fit is hosting the Polestar Pilates International Retreat from September 22-26 at the Nexus Resort in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Attendees of the retreat take courses from an all-star line up of renowned pilates instructors from all over the world. The goal of the retreat is to expose retreaters to the highest level of pilates instruction while offering certificates for attendance. In addition, the International Retreat is an excellent opportunity to network with other pilates professionals and relax in a beautiful Malaysian beach resort.


Pilates, sunshine, and good people. What more could you want from a retreat? Learn more about the 2016 Polestar Pilates International Retreat  here.


We hope to see you in Malaysia!



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