Head Out for a PICNIC Lunch of Omega-3 Pork but Leave the Blanket and Basket Behind!


Spring sunshine brings thoughts of baseball games and blooming flowers to the mind. And, one of the most popular forms of dining during warm springs and summers is to pack up a basket with family favorites and head to the park for a picnic! There is nothing like eating with friends and family while basking in the midday sun and being serenaded by birds. Now, chef Phillipe Orrico is seeking to harness the pleasure of a picnic in his new restaurant where the progressive menu is headlined by a couple of omega-3 pork dishes from HKScan.


Picnic is named after the tradition of eating outside on a nice day, something that has universal appeal to food lovers. That was the simple idea that led to the founding of Picnic, a simply named restaurant with some of the most extravagant picnic baskets ever! Of his new restaurant Chef Orrico says, “PICNIC on Forbes“ is inspired by the concept of Picnics and French cafes. The ambiance at PICNIC is relaxed, friendly and informal, with a ‘Casual Weekend’ concept.” Pork is a staple of all good picnic baskets, so serving the best pork possible was a necessity for Picnic restaurant and that’s why diners will find Flodins omega-3 pork on the menu.


Flodins omega-3 pork from HKScan is a relatively new product on the Hong Kong restaurant scene but it has been in development in Finland for over five years. In the Finnish meat industry, there is a high amount of priority given to all-natural, non-GMO, sustainably produced, cuts of meat and HKScan takes pride in exceeding all the recommended guidelines. Additionally, a customized diet of rapeseed-enriched food give Flodins pork its patented healthy omega-3 fats.


Head on down to PICNIC on Forbes this spring to enjoy a picnic like no other! The irresistible omega-3 pork belly and Flodins loin rack are sure to make your picnic basket the envy of picnickers everywhere!


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