Launch Your Macau Tourist Expedition from Hotel Royal Macau

Vasco de Gama was a 15th century Portuguese explorer who is credited with being the first European to link Europe with Asia via ocean passage. His discovery forever changed the destiny of Portugal, Europe, and Asia and he is famously enshrined in one of Macau’s most famous monuments. For tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of de Gama and experience all the sights and sounds that Macau has to offer, Hotel Royal Macau is the perfect base camp.


What better position for an explorer to launch an expedition than the center of the known world? At Hotel Royal Macau our guests will begin their exploration of Macau from the hotel’s ideal location in the center of the city. Countless tourist attractions are located within walking distance including the aforementioned Vasco de Gama Monument, Macau’s famous Senado Square, the Colina da Guia, the 400 year old Church of St. Paul and much more.

2Besides the many attractions located within a stone’s throw of Hotel Royal Macau, the rest of the city is only a short car ride away. Macau is a sprawling place, full of energy and excitement. Additionally, for the most adventurous spirits, the ferry to Macau is only an hour  shuttle ride away.


Like his contemporary Christopher Columbus, de Gama explored at a time when the earth was considered to be flat. Although that opinion is long since disproved, one opinion abounds: Hotel Royal Macau is the perfect location for tourists to explore the enchanting city of Macau. When you visit Macau, book a stay at the Hotel Royal Macau and become lost in the history of the great city on a relaxing, evening stroll.


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    Launch Your Macau Tourist Expedition from Hotel Royal Macau | http://www.SO-U.TV Blog

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