Pay Local, Connect Global with GlocalMe



How much is the internet worth to you? On one hand, the internet is not essential to human life in the way that say, water is. Indeed, for the vast majority of history humans lived without the internet and many billions still live internet-free lives today. However, think about all the ways that the internet is used today. For commerce, communication, information, entertainment and so much more, internet access is an invaluable convenience. GlocalMe understands the value of the internet in modern society but they still want to keep it affordable.

One of the great inconsistencies in the mobile world is the cost of local data packages vs. the cost of foreign data. AT&T charges $50 for a 5,000 data package in the U.S. but $23 for 10 MB for customers who are using data on a foreign network. That’s a 250 fold increase in price! How does that make any sense? To GlocalMe, it doesn’t.


Instead of paying bloated charges for data while traveling abroad, use a GlocalMe G2 WiFi hotspot to connect with domestic networks and pay local fees anywhere on earth. And, with GlocalMe there are no contracts so you only for what you use. For the wanderlust stricken backpacker and the constant business traveler alike, GlocalMe is the smart way to stay connected from abroad.


So, how much is the internet really worth to you? If you are reading this, probably a lot, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay a lot for internet access. GlocalMe puts an affordable price on the internet no matter where you are in the world. By connecting to local networks wherever you are, mobile roaming fees are avoided and internet access remains a convenience. Pay locally while connecting globally, that’s the GlocalMe way.


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