Digital Nomads Can Work Less and Play More with Microsoft Word Hacks and GlocalMe



Microsoft Word has been around for over 30 years, helping computer users of all types create, save, and send the documents that their hearts desire and brains require. A legacy like that doesn’t develop for no reasons. Word is a highly useful processor with built-in shortcuts that make composition and formatting a snap but what if there were ways to make Word even more efficient? With a little know how, traveling freelancers and remote professionals can improve their Microsoft Word experience and don’t forget GlocalMe to ensure safe and secure delivery of all your documents!


Microsoft Word Hacks to save time on the road:


  1. Turn off auto-formatting to allow more flexibility when structuring custom documents
  2. Create custom shortcuts on your keyboard for repeated tasks
  3. Customize the toolbar at the bottom to show the information you need most
  4. Save commonly used formats in Quick Styles and apply them to future docs in seconds
  5. Collaborate with others on the cloud with Microsoft Word 2016


Each of the above hacks could save precious seconds every time you work in Microsoft Word. Those seconds will add up to minutes and hours while every Word experience will be smooth and frustration-free. And, as any traveler knows, every second counts when you are touring an exotic locale. So, there is no time to be wasted on Word documents or searching for a cheap and reliable internet connection which is why every digital nomad needs GlocalMe.


After you complete your Word doc, it will mean nothing unless you can send it to the appropriate party. Of course, the only way to instantly share your work with employers and friends is via the web and GlocalMe is a mobile device that will broadcast a local wireless internet signal in any location.


GlocalMe and Microsoft Word: A match made in heaven for those who place more emphasis on the wonders of travel and less on the stresses of work.


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