GlocalMe is a Cost-Effective Alternative to the Traditional Hotspot


Internet access used to be constricted to dial-up modems that were slow, inefficient, and blocked landline phones from operating. Then, cable internet rose to the forefront, freeing up the phone lines but tying computers to the wall. Finally, wireless internet revolutionized at-home network by creating a personal WiFi hotspot that covered the domicile but wireless modems are still stationary boxes. Imagine if you could take your wireless modem with you anywhere you went. With GlocalMe, you can.


The premise behind GlocalMe is a simple one: provide the best, fastest, cheapest mobile internet access possible. GlocalMe is able to accomplish this by connecting to local 3G and 4G networks all over the globe. Plus, because the GlocalMe G2 is an unlocked WiFi hotspot creator, there are no roaming fees, and no contracts so you only pay for the data that you use. It’s like carrying a tiny wireless modem around in your pocket at all times, and GlocalMe can even do some things that a traditional hotspot cannot.


GlocalMe creates a 100% safe, and hacker-free wireless network because it is a 100% private connection. The only person who can access a GlocalMe signal is the person who is generating it, and that person can use up to 5 devices at a time. Additionally, GlocalMe is synced with an easy to use app that tracks internet usage and calculates cost, bet you’ve never seen any other modem do that!


Some traditions are timeless, other traditions, like traditional WiFi hotspots are outdated. Don’t limit yourself to immovable internet and don’t fall prey to ridiculous data rates, get a GlocalMe wireless hotspot device and surf the web in contemporary style. It’s a mobile world and we are all just living in it. GlocalMe is a mobile hotspot for our mobile world.


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