HKScan Applauds the Best Finnish Farmers for 2015



What came first, the chicken or the egg? It’s a classic conundrum that has no definitive answer but inspires many a good humored debate. Now, ponder this question; what came first, the farmer or Flodins omega-3 pork? That’s a bit of an easier decision because without amazing farmers, delicious, heart-healthy omega-3 pork wouldn’t exist. HKScan understands that the production of great food starts with great farmers so we are publically thanking the best of our farmers for their stupendous work during 2015.


Finnish farms are known for their exquisite natural beauty and the high-quality meats they produce, so much so that the farmers are almost overshadowed. However, the entire Finnish meat industry is dependent upon farmers who care about their animals and the environment. Because HKScan hires the best Finnish farmers, all Flodins Nordic pork is produced to the highest standard, meaning:


  • Finnish farms have one of the lowest usage rates of antibiotics in the world
  • There are no serious diseases present on any farms
  • All farmers are salmonella-free
  • No growth promoters are used
  • All feed is carefully monitored and administrated to develop omega-3 rich pork
  • All animals are treated humanely with a heavy emphasis on animal welfare
  • HKScan maintains control over the entire production chain, from inception to distribution


Without exceptional farmers, HKScan would not be a successful international meat supplier. It is the efforts of HKScan producers, such as Antti and Pentti Pöyri that make our meat products some of the best around. Antti and Pentti were just honored with award for Best Pig Producer 2015 after only a couple years of farming. And, if recent investment in Finnish farms is any indication, Antti, Pentti, and the rest of HKScan’s wonderful producers will continue to be the best for 2016 and beyond!


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