Spring Into Light Salads and Sides at Picnic on Forbes Featuring Flodins Omega-3 Pork!



Can you smell it? The seasons are changing, the flowers are blooming, and Flodins omega-3 pork is roasting to perfection at Picnic on Forbes. This spring, if health and fitness are on your mind, consider dropping into Picnic for a low calorie meal that is sure to delight. Picnic is famous for their baskets that are brimming with cured meats, fresh breads, and rich cheeses, but Picnic on Forbes also offers bites and dishes that will keep you fueled and trim all spring long!


At Picnic on Forbes the mission of executive chef Philippe Orrico is to provide Hong Kong diners with the experience of a French picnic, right in their own city. Guests may select from a variety of gourmet picnic baskets that may be eaten in the snug little restaurant space or taken outdoors to a nearby park for a true picnic meal. As the sun shows itself more and more often, outdoor dining will become the desirable option and picnickers will love having Flodins omega-3 pork in their baskets.


As in all of Chef Orrico’s fabulous restaurants, the food is prepared using the finest ingredients available which is why Picnic serves Flodins omega-3 pork in several different dishes. If you are looking for a light meal that is full of protein and healthy fats, look no further than a Picnic salad topped with Flodins omega-3 pork. Picnic also serves a delicious pork rillette with pickles and croutons that makes a wonderful appetizer to any meal.


The only thing better than a beautiful spring day is a full picnic basket and friend to share it with. Make your picnic excursion extra special this year by picking up a basket full of tasty treats from Picnic on Forbes and be sure to request a Flodins omega-3 pork dish for a guilt free indulgence that goes great with salad and vegetables. If you can’t smell the spring or the roasting pork, you are definitely missing out!


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